{Review} Yamaha L-Series LL6 Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural

When it comes to musical instruments, Yamaha has been highly respected among guitarists across the world.

They have countless models that you would be spoilt for choice if you didn’t have an idea of exactly what you need.

One of the most recognized models of the Yamaha guitars is the L-series. In this article, we will have a look at the Yamaha L-Series LL6.

Features of Yamaha L-Series LL6

Yamaha LL6 has excellent features that make it stand among the best Yamaha guitars. Some of these features include:


Tonal Qualities

The Yamaha LL6 guitar has been in the market for many years now, and up to date, they are still highly regarded.

Many people value their acoustic resonance enhancement ability that results in a bright yet full-sounding tone.

The guitar produces a balanced and driving sound and volume that can only be equated to that produced by jumbo guitars.

The LL6 has been purposefully designed to heighten the high range and mid-range tones.

Therefore, the feature makes it a perfect choice for you when playing in a group, as identifying the different tones will be very easy for both the player and the audience.

Although to some people, the missing cutaway might be considered a downside feature, it is an advantage.

This is because of the missing cutaway results in a fuller-sounding guitar.

However, if you don’t like struggling in accessing the higher frets, this might not be your guitar.



The top of the guitar features a Solid Engalmann Spruce top. For many guitar manufacturers, Sitka Spruce is their choice of the top wood.

However, top Engelmann resonates differently, making the LL6 model unique.

The wood choice has also led to a slightly warmer and more vibrant sound, which has highly contributed to its popularity among finger pickers compared to Sitka spruce top.

Yamaha has treated LL6 with acoustic resonance enhancement (abbreviated as ARE).

This ages the wood from the start making it project deeper sound as if it has been played for decades.

Giving it a thought, you would agree that this guitar has features you would never stay away from.

The LL6 features acoustic resonance enhancement back and sides made from laminate Mahogany (LL6M) or laminate rosewood.

This is distinctive at this price range, but in case you need solid back and sides, it will be available at a fee.

The neck of the guitar is made of rosewood and mahogany, which both are great neck materials.

The rosewood bridge is an added advantage while the nut and saddle are plastic, which is still not bad.

Better yet, the nut and saddle are an easy upgrade, and hence, if you are comfortable with it, you can choose to upgrade.



The guitar features a 13/4 inch (1.75inch, 44mm), a standard for an excellent acoustic guitar.

It gives you excellent and easy playability, which has been embraced by many guitar players using LL6.

The fretboard or fingerboard is made from rosewood. The fretboard felt much better and has highly improved the playability of this great guitar.


Yamaha LL6 has been preferred in group-playing, especially where a bass instrument is present.

This is because the high-end and mid-range are easily noticeable due to its high-end tonal spectrum.

At the same time, it is the choice instrument for folk music, but it is not restricted to this genre only.

Although the slightly chunkier neck might not be easy for smaller, it is still preferred due to its other great qualities.

At the same time, the price of the LL6 Series is another feature that we will always celebrate for. 

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