{Review} Yamaha FX325A Acoustic Electric Guitar

Life is full of ups and downs, and once in a while, all that we long for is sweet, warm music. Naturally, well-done music is enough to heal a wounded soul and strengthen it for the challenges ahead.

This explains the reason why musicians and instrumentalists always give their best in ensuring they release perfect music to their fans.

At the same time, it has led to an increase in new music instruments in the market.

Qualities of Yamaha FX325A

With all these musical instruments we have in the market, choosing the best might not be easy. But the good thing is that it is possible.

There are many well-known and famous guitar companies in the music industry. Many of them have been relied upon for producing quality products that are not only durable but also reliable. One of these companies is Yamaha.

With their many years of experience, you would never expect anything less from Yamaha except the best.

To ensure that they remain relevant and up to date, Yamaha keeps improving their products. They also keep upgrading their products to come up with better results.

One of their best products is the Yamaha FX325A which features great qualities, some of which are listed below.



 The materials used to make a guitar do explain not only its quality and durability but also its sound projection and tone balance.

This is one thing that Yamaha has learnt over the years. Hence, all their guitars are made of the quality and ideal materials that will give you just what you were looking for.

FX325A features a combination of nato back and sides with a spruce top and cutaway dreadnought body model.

This gives it easy to access the upper registers and enhances the volume of the guitar.

It features a rosewood fingerboard and a nato neck and a 25 inches scale length.

The nut width is 1.69 inches (43mm), 21 frets, Yamaha chrome tuners and 1-way piezo pickups.


Great playability

Yamaha FX325A is an excellent guitar not only for beginners but also experts.

For a beginner, you will find the guitar easy to use even without doing any changes on its setups.

However, for an expert, you can choose to either do the setup work yourself or consider using the services of an expert.

Some of the setups you can work on are the strings and the neck.

All these changes are easy to work on making it easy for you to use according to your liking.

Once you change the strings and tune them up, the guitar will sound just like any other electric guitars we have in the market.

You can choose to use it just as it is and you will still enjoy the results you get.

This guitar stays in tune for long, and it is perfect for raving in jams and onstage.

However, it is important always to remember that heat and cold humidity affects guitars.

Therefore, to ensure that the guitar remains in tune for long, never leave it on the stand overnight.

The guitar is also affected by dust and for it to provide you with the best services; you need to take care of it.


 If you need an active, affordable acoustic-electric guitar, Yamaha FX325A guitar is a great choice. Whether plugged in or not, the guitar produces a warm and clear sound that you will be proud to take on stage. At the same time, it is light in weight and looks classy; hence; you can walk around with it with your shoulders high. It is, however, essential to understanding that the case of this guitar is sold separately. 

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