{Review} Vangoa 41-inch Full-Size Black VG-41ECBK Acoustic Electric Guitar

Time and again, we tend to be tempted to rely most on the brand of a product and not on the quality of the product itself.

Once in a while, this attitude might work for our own good but on the other hand, we might end up missing on the most important thing.

Therefore, it is important to give other new brands an opportunity.

One of the products that you will always be proud of is Vangoa.

Qualities of Vangoa 41-inch Full-Size Black VG-41ECBK Acoustic Electric Guitar

We all hear about the unsung heroes in different fields around the world.

Many times, we only focus on the achievements of the celebrities and big company brands and we forget to give credit where it's due.

One of the companies that is slowly garnering the popularity that it should have garnered a few years ago is Vangoa. Luckily it is never too late.

Guitarists who like being challenged to take their experience a notch higher appreciate Vangoa VG-41ECBK.

One of the unique features that is taken as a challenge by many inexperienced guitarists is the number of strings.

This is because Vangoa 41-inch guitar is a 12-stringed guitar.

This guitar also features other great features some of which include:


Great Body and Neck

Vangoa 41-inch Full Size guitar has a small body which is an advantage for use by both young and old guitar players.

The guitar is equipped with a truss rod that comes in handy in adjusting the string height.

Therefore, when playing your guitar, pressing the string will not only help you perform fluently, but it will also feel comfortable and convenient.

The full-sized acoustic guitar features a built-in 4 band EQ that makes it easy to tune, play and maintain.

It also comes with several accessories some of which include; E-tuner, Padded Gig Bag, 3 picks and guitar stand.

You also receive adjustable strap,6 extra strings, guitar connecting cable and CAPO among others.

With all these accessories, you will be able to play your guitar immediately when you receive it.

The body of Vangoa VG-41ECBK is made from basswood.

The fingerboard is made from rosewood.

This means that with this guitar you will be assured of stylish look and high quality sound.

Therefore if you believe in yourself as a guitar player, no other guitar would work best for you than Vangoa VG-41ECBK.

Get great sound projection in a stylish–looking guitar that is pocket friendly.


Great Playability

As we had mentioned before, Vangoa VG41ECBK is a 12-stringed guitar which makes it unique.

For many guitarists this might be confusing as they are used to 6-stringed guitars.

However, for those who are well informed about guitars, they will agree that this guitar is worth a try.

A 12-stringed guitar gives you an extra edge and playability.

The sound produced by Vangoa 41-inch Full-size acoustic electric guitar is warm and clear.

Therefore, it works well for any genre of music you would want to play.

With this guitar, you not only receive great playability. You will also get a wider neck and an extra space.

It is also easy to tune the strings of a 12-stringed guitar as long as you know how to go about it.


Are you looking for a guitar that will serve you during your quiet moments? Go for any other than Vangoa 41-Inch full-size guitar.

Luckily, it will not only serve you alone, but it will also come in handy when entertaining your audience on stage or even in the studio.

The guitar accommodates different kinds of players meaning you can use it as a family and also in a band. 

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