The Loar LH-700-VS Deluxe Hand-Carved Archtop Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to choosing any musical instrument, you want something that will agree with your understanding of quality music.

Although we have different tastes and preferences, when it comes to the value of music, we tend to agree.

It is not much of the singer on the stage but also the backup band sound projection, tonality, and the flow.

With Loar LH-700-VS acoustic guitar, you’ll have a companion that will never disappoint you.

Why choose this guitar?

There are very many acoustic guitars in the market today, and they all have their advantages. Therefore, it might be a bit challenging to make a choice that you will be proud of.

However, with the right information, things will be a bit easier. In this article, we will list down all the good qualities of LH-700-VS and why we think it’s a perfect guitar for you.


Body and neck

Just as the name suggests, the LH-700 is an archtop guitar that features a scale length of 24.75”.

The guitar features a solid top that is hand-graduated and hand-carved from AAA-grade spruce.

The top of this guitar doesn’t have a round soundhole, as many acoustic guitars do. Instead, it sports 2 hand-carved F-holes on each side of the bridge.

The guitar sticks with a high-quality wood theme with solid AAA-grade flamed maple back and sides.

The entire body features a dark tobacco staining mixed with hand-buffed nitrocellulose lacquer.

With all these features, you are assured of not only a vintage look but also a pleasant sound.

At the same time, this guitar features a highly-polished single-piece maple neck, a vintage V profile, 19 frets, a bound ebony fretboard, not forgetting the mother-of-pearl dot inlays.

The overall craftsman is decent and can’t be compared with the quality of Takamine, Taylor, and Martin in this price range.

The guitar generally feels well-made.



This is a solely acoustic guitar model with nothing much about electronics to discuss.

However, its hardware is perfectly set for the style, and the quality is just what you’d wish for.

It has an elaborately decorated headstock that features 6 gold Grover Sta-Tite open-geared tuners. 

The smooth 18:1 gear ratio with butterbean style tuning keys are just amazing.

LH-700-VS comes with a compensated adjustable ebony bridge that features a floating, trapeze-style tailpiece, not forgetting the standard bone nut.

In the packaging, you will find a plush-interior rugged hardshell archtop case, which makes it even better.



This archtop is amazing when it comes to the sound.

You might sometimes consider its sound like too much, depending on the occasion. 

The excellent quality solid woods resonate extremely well.

This leads to an instrument that cuts through any mix combined with a sparkly voice. 

The guitar is a perfect choice for vocalists and group playing.
Its spruce will lead to a mellow and balanced sound.

If you need bright sound, this is a perfect choice for the same as well.

The maple back and sides come in handy as far as tone-protection is concerned.

This is a sweet-sounding guitar that you’ll find hard to fault.


This is the time to shine among your peers with the right choice of an instrument that will never let you down.

The older the guitar grows, the better the quality of sound produced. Hence, you can use it for decades without needing to get a new one unless you want to upgrade.

Choosing Loar LH-700-VS Acoustic guitar is a choice of quality. Try it out, and you will be glad you did. 

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