Taylor K14ce Builder’s Edition Acoustic Guitar Review

When it comes to choosing a guitar, a lot remains to be desired. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Taylor Guitars devotee or not.

This article will be of great use for all acoustic players. Instead of an ordinary guitar review that is based on conventional sense, this review will be more of a technical appraisal of a possible innovative new concept in the building of acoustic guitar. 

Although there has been a lot of innovation in the acoustic guitar world compared to the electric world, the quality is still maintained.


Much of the production of these guitars has been restricted to small-scale builders. This leaves Taylor as the largest manufacturer of these guitars in the whole world.

The Taylor K14ce Builder S Edition is one of the best guitars by the Taylor Company. 

Taylor represents a daring risk plus a tremendous financial commitment to ensure that all their clients are well catered for.

It does this also as a way o introducing an entirely new invigorating arrangement with the affirmed objective of slowly phasing it across the company’s product range.

There are many guitar products in the market by Taylor Company giving you a great variety to choose from. 

Features of Taylor K14ce Builder S Edition

There are a few things that make Taylor K14ce unique from the rest of the acoustic guitars and products of Taylor Company. Some of these features include: 


V-Class Bracing

For those who have no idea about the importance of the bracing of an acoustic guitar, here is the difference.

The most standard over the years has been the X-bracing. However, it has been realized that this type of bracing creates conflict of a guitar’s sound.

The conflict is normally between two key elements. The guitar’s top contributes to both. The V-bracing however is the perfect solution to this.

The Taylor K14ce V-Class bracing can be both flexible and stiff depending on the player’s preference.

This flexibility gives you standard volume and sustainability which are significant requirements of a good acoustic guitar. Flexibility on either side generates the necessary air movement for robust projection.

This makes the Taylor K14ce the best for both worlds. This does not only affect the notes produced but also the volume and sustainability of the sound. 


Enhanced Playing Comfort

Another great advantage of using Taylor K14ce Builders S Edition is its enhanced playing comfort.

Although there are many people who train guitar for fun and as a hobby, there are others who treat it as their sole career.

This means, that this is what they do for a living and hence, they need to play the guitar for long hours.

Therefore, nothing would come in handy for them than an instrument that feels very comfortable to play. There is no a better choice for this than Taylor K14ce Builder S Edition.

This guitar features a body edge binding and a beveled armrest along with a restructured Venetian cutaway that meets the soundboard.

This leads to an upper register and a smoother path for your fretting hand. 


Apart from the great features mentioned above, this instrument also features a Silent Satin finish.

This helps in dampening incidental sound against your guitar body. The black graphite nut reduces string friction as well as the stunning new Kona burst.

Nothing would highlight the natural beauty of a guitar than the stunning new Kona burst features on this guitar’s back and sides.

Taylor K14ce Builders S Edition is an ultimate player’s guitar design that you would never be disappointed. 

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