{Review} Taylor Guitars 224ce-K DLX Koa Acoustic Guitar

There is something unique when it comes to Taylor guitars. They are just like a fine wine, which gets better with age.

Choosing the right guitar is usually a great challenge, as the market is full of great quality and affordable guitars.

In this article, we are going to go through the Taylor 224CE Deluxe Koa Acoustic Guitar, which is one of Taylor’s best choices.

What Makes Taylor 224CE Deluxe Koa Acoustic Guitar popular?

Taylor has so far released a wide variety of acoustic guitars in the market. At the same time, other well-known guitar companies have ventured into the market of acoustic guitars.

However, there is something unique about Taylor 224CE that makes it stand out among them all.

These are the unique features of these guitars, some of which are listed below:


Body And Neck

Unlike many other acoustic guitars, Deluxe Koa is entirely made of maturely-sourced Hawaiian koa.

Hawaiian Koa is a dark and dense tropical hardwood whose tone grows deeper and better the more it is played.

At the same time, its quality and appearance never changes and is not affected by climate change.

The top of this guitar sports crafting of solid pieces of koa. To add to its beauty and vintage style, there is a slim shading around the edges.

The back and sides feature layered laminate Hawaiian koa with a gloss finish.

The shape of Taylor 224CE is identical to Taylor’s slightly pinched Grand Auditorium with a Venetian cutaway on its treble side and a 25.5 inches scale.

The neck features a satin-finished solid Sapele at it joins at the 14th fret. It makes it a pleasure to play, and it suits the guitar’s style well.

The small and attractive acrylic diamond inlays, 20 frets, and genuine African ebony fretboard are just amazing features.



The secret of a good guitar is hidden in its sound. Taylor 224CE boasts of a crisp and bright sound.

This is brought about by the Hawaiian koa hardwood. Koa is also not too different from maple in tone.

The more you enjoy playing your guitar, the more the sound opens up, becoming warmer and richer.

The natural brightness of this guitar makes it exceptional for finger stylists.

The sound is amplified well through ES2 electronics. You can also use the controls to get your ideal levels of brightness by tweaking the sound.



Taylor 224CE Deluxe comes loaded with ES2 (Taylor’s Expression System 2) electronics.

Unlike many other acoustic guitars, 224CE features a patented behind-the-saddle pickup with three uniquely positioned pickup sensors that are individually calibrated.

Not forgetting the custom-designed specialized audio-grade preamp with treble, bass and volume controls, and phase lifter.

This guitar also features a Taylor-branded headstock with six chrome tuners and a Tusq nut for tuning stability and added tone consistency. While the ebony bridge features a Micarta saddle.

Finally, the guitar comes with some durable elixir Phosphor Bronze gauge strings.

Finally, the rugged and stylish brown Taylor Deluxe Hardshell case and a plush interior make it look amazing.


We can all agree that Taylor 224CE is a stunning guitar. At the same time, getting a complex dark styled, all-koa model at such an affordable price is very rare.

Taylor’s Mexican craftsmen have done this exotic wood justice resulting in a product that you will be proud of.

Apart from its stunning looks, Taylor 224CE features a spectacular sound that develops perfectly with age.

The price of the guitar is less than $1500, which explains its current popularity among both experts and beginner guitarists.

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