{Review} Taylor BT2e Acoustic Electric Guitar

We have different reasons for choosing the career we choose.

Although many adults choose a career depending on how productive it is, this doesn’t last for long.

A career born and nurtured by passion seems to work better and last longer.

The good thing about passion is that it grows from childhood age perfects with time.

If your child develops passion to become a guitarist, it might be challenging to train them using the big-bodied guitars.

This is the reason why Taylor BT2e was crafted and released in the market.

Features of Taylor BT2e Acoustic Electric Guitar

Just as the name suggests, Taylor Baby is a small guitar that is perfect for young and teenage guitarists.

This guitar was crafted as an entry level guitar for young kids.

Taylor BT2e has maintained its name in the market over the years due to its enduring appeal in part.

It has been proven to be a genuine instrument that is fun to play.

Apart from it being an ideal guitar for young kids, touring musicians find it more comfortable.

This is because it is light in weight and easily portable.

At the same time, it is a strong and durable guitar that you would be comfortable to bring along wherever you go.

The guitar features a number of many other qualities some of which are listed below:


Body And Neck

The top part of the guitar is the main vibrating string energy filter and distributor through the guitar.

This means, the materials used to construct the top of a guitar is the primary determinant of the sound projected by the guitar.

One of the best woods that has been highly used in guitar construction is mahogany.

Mahogany being a hardwood is preferred for providing a natural compression that yields more “roll-in” result in a note.

Mahogany top results in strong and clear fundamentals with direct focus. 

In addition to this, the guitar features an arched back generating more sound from this small-bodied instrument.

The wood layered back and sides creates a receptive yet strong platform for the guitar’s string energy and the vibration produced by the guitar’s top.

As we had mentioned earlier, this is a choice guitar for touring guitarists.

This is thanks to the layered top which is less affected by humidity and change in temperature.



Both the Big Baby and the baby features an Expression System Baby abbreviated as ES-B pickup.

This incorporates piezo design elements made possible by the flagship Taylor ES2 system.

The guitar is powered by an onboard preamp including a built-in chromatic tuner.

For tuning, tone and volume controls and low battery indication, the guitar features a LED display.

Two button cell 3v lithium (CR2032) batteries power the preamp or tuner.

A new 3v lithium battery provides roughly 300 hours of service.

Battery life is conserved by the ES-B using a standard on/off system.

The system automatically turns off after every 3 minutes of idling.

The LED low battery indicator displays an “L” once your battery gets to 4.5 volts.

The unmatched build quality of Taylor BT2e is one of the reasons that many guitarists love it to date.

This guitar features the most playable and stable neck with several array of tonal options.

Choosing Taylor BT2e assures of ethically sourced and eco-conscious structured guitar.


Taylor BT2e acoustic electric guitar is crafted with the user’s interest in mind.

You therefore have nothing to worry about its durability.

This guitar will give you an era of service and support provided you take good care of it.

Therefore, if you are looking for a guitar that you will be proud to pass over through generations, Taylor BT2e is the way to go! Learn about Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $500

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