Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar Review in 2021

There are more good newly developed acoustic guitars in the market today that fall in the $500 and under street-price.

Guitarists of today are better placed than in the past when it comes to the accessibility of good guitar models.

Although this development looks very great from the surface, it also has its challenges. This is because you will easily be confused about the best model to choose from if you are not clear on the specification of the guitar you are looking for.

Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar has, however, made things easier for you. With its great features and qualities listed below, it has become a life-changer for many.

Qualities of Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar

The Big Baby Taylor abbreviated as (BBT) has long been a stronghold for developing acoustic players.

It gives them a smooth-playing and comfortable experience that makes it easier for them to learn to make music and grow their skills.

This guitar boasts of great qualities that have made it stand out among many other acoustic guitars. Some of these qualities are:


Strong and durable

The Big Baby Taylor is a darling to guitarists around the world. It sounds great, looks good, and stands up well and is a durable resistant to wear and tear of any kind.

This makes it an excellent travel guitar for both beginners and experts.

Among all Taylor’s miniature, this is the largest body design. Big Baby Taylor is an ideal choice for the guitarist who loves the sound of a dreadnought but hates large body-sized guitars.

It has a sleek maple neck that feels good to touch. Its effortless playability and low action have won it many fans around the globe.

Its stunning acoustic tone and playability are two features that no guitar player will be able to resist!


Balanced tonewood combination

Many people have been wondering what has contributed to the excellent success BBT is enjoying today.

Among many other features and qualities mentioned above, the tonewoods used in making it. The body boasts of walnut back and sides.

Walnut’s tone falls between the ringing qualities of maple and the warmth of rosewood.

The Sitka Spruce top that is joined to the body is another great feature as it provides a vibrant response to picking and balanced midrange.

The maple neck features an ebony fingerboard that provides a defined attack. When you combine all the tonewoods, the result is an instrument with unique bell-like highs and warm lows.


Powerful projection

Among all Taylor’s small-bodied guitars, the Big Baby, just as the name suggests, has the largest body shape.

Although it’s a 15/16-sized dreadnought guitar, it still feels like a great miniature acoustic guitar. One other thing that will blow you away about this guitar is the sheer volume it can produce.

BBT sounds very warm and sweet when fingerpicking. When it is hit with a pick, it becomes lively, and the warmth of its tone quickly fills the room.

The fact that this guitar isn’t full-sized makes it an ideal for any player, even those with smaller hands.


Taylor Big Baby features an onboard tuner that makes staying in tune easier. It is comfortable to move around with, and it comes with a Taylor gig bag to make traveling with it much easier for you. The Sitka spruce top helps it to respond well under picking, and it also adds note definition. Due to its miniature size, you can comfortably play it for long sets. This guitar is not only amazing but also elegant and stylish.  

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