Taylor 214ce Deluxe Grand Auditorium Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Talk about greatness in the guitar world and Taylor will top the list. Taylor is among the best and legendary guitar manufacturers who have been highly respected over the years.

Taylors are celebrated for their unmatched build quality, playable necks and stable product.

They have a great array of tonal options, ethically-sourced and eco-conscious raw materials, not forgetting its lifetime service and support.

Qualities of Taylor 214ce DLX acoustic guitar

Taylor 214ce series falls under the Taylor 200 Deluxe Series is a grand auditorium acoustic-electric guitar that delivers all the basics of a great guitar. 

It has great features and qualities like; great playability, impeccable intonation, full and articulate voice, professional-grade pickup. All these made available at an affordable price.

Below are some of its other great qualities that will help you understand why this guitar has become a darling to many guitarists.



The top of a guitar is what makes the difference when it comes to the distribution and filter of vibrating string energy.

This means this part has a great impact on the sound produced by a guitar. Taylor 214ce features a Sitka spruce top which has been rated as the most established top wood of the contemporary era.

Sitka spruce top of 214ce DLX guitar blends elasticity and stiffness in just the perfect proportions translating into a wide dynamic array with crisp articulation.

The back and sides are layered with rosewood which creates a strong and complimentary stand for the energy of the vibrating string sent by the guitar’s top.

The layered wood makes it durable as it is less vulnerable to changes in humidity and temperatures.

This makes the Taylor 214ce guitar an excellent choice for guitarists who require more durability or travel with their instruments.


Body shape

The 214ce DLX just like any other Taylor features an original Grand Auditorium body which established the Taylor acoustic sound.

The popular body style gives room for a versatile guitar that produces abundant volume even with light fingerpicking.

It reacts to medium Flatpicking and strumming with a balanced, clear sound across the tonal scale. This makes it an all-purpose guitar.



Taylor’s 214ce DLX is a radical pickup design that produces the latest ongoing innovation in amplification of acoustic guitars.

The patented behind-the-saddle pickup is the heart of this guitar. The saddle features individually calibrated sensors that are uniquely positioned.

The sensor's location makes it easy for a more dynamic array of acoustic sound than you have ever had.

The guitar also features “professional audio” grade preamp with an exceptional amplified tone and responsiveness.

This makes the guitar a perfect choice for use on stage when plugged to an acoustic amplifier of your choice.

If you need a guitar that you can take directly to your recording software, Taylor 214ce will be conveyed faithfully.

With the onboard tone controls, you will get added flavor, or you can choose to set it flat for an exceptionally, uncoloured clean amplified sound.

If you have a desire of getting the best in the guitar world, 214ce DLX should be your next stop.


Taylor 214ce DLX acoustic guitar grand auditorium body produces huge and balanced tone tanks to the Solid Sitka spruce top.

The Graceful Venetian cutaway enables free access to upper frets while the Sapele neck featuring ebony fingerboard gives you easier playability.

When you include the Taylor hard case to the Taylor Expression System 2 electronics, you will get a natural amplified sound.

All these qualities and many others that have not been highlighted make the Taylor 214ce guitar a perfect choice for players of all styles. Learn more about Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

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