Takamine TC132SC Classical Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

When it comes to steel-string acoustic guitars, you no introduction to the Takamine products. They have been known over the decades for the quality of products they provide to their clients.

However, when it comes to the nylon-stringed classical guitars world, where do the Takamine stand? In this article, we will give you the most profound answer about Takamine products and their creativity in the nylon-stringed guitar world.

Qualities of Takamine TC132SC Acoustic Guitar

Takamine is among the most respected guitar manufacturer companies around the world, and they have been in the market for many decades now.

Although they were initially known for acoustic guitars. After some consideration, they decided to join the nylon-stringed classical guitars for a change.

One of their best nylon-stringed classical guitars is the TC1325C which has the features listed below.


Body and neck

The body of this guitar is quite traditional in appearance. It features a familiar classical shape with a single cutaway, which agrees that the TC1325C model is built to perform.

This mid-range guitar has been constructed using some good tonewoods that Takamine felt was the best choice. It features a solid cedar top while the back is made of solid rosewood.

Unlike many other acoustic guitars that have the same material used on the back and sides, this is a bit different.

The sides of the TC1325C guitar are made of rosewood laminate. The top has a fan bracing while the whole body features a natural gloss finish.

At the 12th fret, you will find a mahogany neck that joins the body while the cutaway allows the guitarist to have access to the 15th fret and above.

The guitar has a nut width of over 2”, with a fretboard made of rosewood. The fretboard features a total of 19 frets.
Although there is not much difference with a normal guitar, the TC1325C guitar is elegant and highly playable.

The guitar also sports good craftsmanship from the developers of Takamine Pro series based in Japan.



This guitar features Takamine CTP-1 CoolTube preamp. Although there are some merchants who offer their clients, a slightly upgraded CTP-3 system, Takamine CTP-1 CoolTube preamp is equally helpful.

The CoolTube just as you would guess it is an onboard and innovative tube preamp system by Takamine.

The preamp system is meant to ensure the tube remains cool. This way, it will not do any damage to the woods.

This system comes with complete, versatile controls including volume control, 3-band EQ, and built-in chromatic tuner.



You would never talk about the quality of a guitar without talking about the sound.

When it comes to Takamine TC1325C, the guitar sports a strong voice courtesy of the rosewood back and the fan bracing on the top.

The combination of rosewood and cedar in the body construction brings about a very soothing, crisp and articulate tone, but with plenty of warmth.

The warmth of the tone is beautifully amplified courtesy of the CoolTube system. At the same time, it remains natural in tone regardless of how loud you go.

When plugged in, the controls add versatility to the sound.


Takamine TC1325C acoustic guitar is a real solid voice that produces a sound that is fit for any genre of music. Its playability is also another feature that makes it a great preference for many guitarists. It features great tonewoods with adept craftsmanship with hardware that is certainly geared towards performers. With all the information listed above, there would be no reason for not giving this guitar a chance. You would not rate the guitar cheap or expensive. Hence it perfectly fits in mid-range priced guitars. 

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