{Review} Takamine GN93CE-NAT Nex Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

We all know that nothing is perfect in this life. No matter how much we try to give our best, we tend to find a fault somewhere along the way.

However, you might be lucky enough to get a musical instrument close to perfection, if not perfect. We are not talking about any other device except Takamine GN93CE-NAT.

Features of Takamine GN93CE-NAT

GN93CE is an excellent instrument and one of the best from Takamine. It features all the designs of a perfect all-round guitar.

If you need to play great acoustic tunes with Takamine GN93CE, you will do it with a lot of ease. This means it will make a perfect companion for you during your quiet and lonely moments. When all you need is soft and sweet-playing music.

At the same time, when you need something to show off among your friends or during a gig, the dynamic capabilities turn it into a different thing.

This guitar is all-round and already set to bring all your dreams to reality. With its great features listed below, you will be running to the nearest guitar shop to get yourself.



The guitar features a quilt maple and three-piece rosewood back; a spruce top spiced up with rosewood sides.

This is a unique combination of the tonewood guitars. Hence, it results in a sound worthy of champions.

The apparent mix of rosewood and maple heaviness with a classic spruce top has resulted in a winning combo.

With all these great features and the price of GN93CE, Takamine should be celebrated for the same.

As for the neck, the Takamine instrument has utilized a 12-inch radius mahogany piece bound rosewood fingerboard. It also features 21 frets with dot inlays.

Takamine has combined excellent craftsmanship with the sturdiness of mahogany.

This has resulted in a neck that is not only sturdy to look at but also easy to play and not prone to bending.



When talking about the electronic section of Takamine, they have a TK-40D preamp system boasting an exceptional level of tonal control.

All this has been made possible by the onboard 3-band EQ with a mid-contour switch, gain controls, and EQ bypass and a notch filter.
To put an icing on the cake, the guitar has a standard built-in tuner included in the mix.

You will never find a match for this guitar as it features sophisticated electronics at its price.

You do not forget the standard die-cast tuners, headstock and neck binding, synthetic bone nut, and a dark wood rosette. Lastly, the guitar sports a rosewood head cap, split bridge saddle, and a sexy gloss finish.


Sound and Playability

With electric/acoustic guitar, you can be sure of the sound projected by the Takamine NAT guitar.

When you choose to use the electric functionality, the TK-400 preamp system from the Takamines will do the trick.

This gets you tone control and sublime volume and gives you full control of everything.

The built-in tuner ensures that your guitar gives you just the right sound, especially when using an amp.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you won’t love the results when you unplug it. It gives you a beautiful and crisp sound, and it resonates pretty well.

This results in a variety of tones and choice playability for different music genres.


The acoustic functionality makes this guitar an excellent instrument for anyone who cares to give it a chance. If you are a beginner, the acoustic functionality will make things easy for you. On the other hand, electric functionality makes it a great performance guitar. 

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