Takamine EF360S TT Thermal Acoustic-Guitar with Hard Case

Nothing is more comforting than the voice of real vintage.

A played-in tone from your Takamine EF360S TT acoustic guitar is all you need to warm up your night. 

Guitars are a precious instrument that we all value, but making the wrong choice of a guitar might be the end of your career as a guitarist.

Features of Takamine EF360S


Body and Neck

There is a lot to discuss the features of the Takamine EF360S, starting from its wood and other features, including its overall style.

Although this guitar has a traditional design, with a distinctive non-cutaway dreadnought shape, it still looks great.

This guitar doesn’t have too much decoration, and hence, its simplest is one that you would boast about.

Takamine EF360S features an ivoroid binding and a tortoiseshell pickguard for a bright, classic vintage look.

This is all-round very pleasing. We could never talk about the body of the guitar without mentioning something about the back and sides.

Takamine EF360S features solid Indian crafted back and sides, unlike the EF340S TT that features American mahogany.

The combination of Solid Indian back and sides and spruce solid Thermal Top makes your dream come true.

The process of baking the Solid Thermal Top for some time under low-oxygen and controlled high-heat environment gives it a more vintage and darker look.

You would be forgiven if you confused this wood with cedar as they are typically alike.

However, this process gives the guitar a fuller and richer tone.

The fast-playing neck with a total of 20 frets with an ebony fretboard is a feature you can never ignore.



The vintage theme of EF360S makes it stand out among the rest. The addition of electronics makes the guitar a bit modern.

However, the nearly invisible TLD-2 and Palathetic pickup impact the overall look of this incredible stringed instrument.

The feature also offers pretty onboard control.

The open-geared tuners highly keep up with the vintage look as it features butterbean tuning keys.

The keys are functional and come in handy in holding the tuning stability.

The quality hard-shell case of EF360S guitar makes it durable and makes it appropriate when traveling with your guitar.


Sound projection

The next question you might be having right now is ‘what about the sound?’ be patient as this is the other feature we are going to discuss.

EF360S TT acoustic guitar delivers a rich opened-up tone, which is the dream of many guitarists.

The classic rosewood and spruce pairing keep things articulate and well-balanced with an instant warm feeling.

The warmth felt is replicated naturally and accurately through the Takamine electronics.

The plugged-in tone at the same time is something you’d be proud to be associated with on stage.


The pride of any guitarist is delivering good-quality and warm music to their audience. For this reason, many of them are more concerned in getting an instrument that would make this a possibility.

However, you also want something that is within reach. The Takamine EF360S TT acoustic guitar is one instrument that will never let you down.

Although the guitar is a bit expensive for beginners who might not need all those features, it is perfect for an expert.

This is actually among the most effective and fairly priced acoustic guitars. Learn more about Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

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