Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review

Many times, we value the quality of a product, depending on the brain behind it.

Seagull guitars were launched by Robert Godin back in 1982. Robert had the intention of offering some of the qualities of handmade acoustic guitars. 

His love to support the needy guitarists whose desire was getting the best quality guitars was his driving force. This Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar is also list as one of the Best Acoustic Guitars Under 500

Attributes of Seagull S6 Original acoustic guitar

Godin has been the brains behind many guitar brands in the market today. Some of these brands are Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick, TRIC cases, La Patrie, Norman, as well as Godin.

He has expressed much innovation and creativity among all these brands, but none can measure up to Seagull S6 acoustic. Some of the features that make Seagull S6 acoustic stand out are:


Smooth playability

Seagull S6 Original acoustic guitar is among the best guitars with smooth playability.

It features exceptional value and a great tone with back and sides featuring a 3-layer wild cherry. Its top is made from pressure-tested cedar top that together produces a warm, detailed tone.

Seagull’s tailored dreadnought body shape eradicates unwanted boominess.

In return, this gives you a tremendous and full-range tone that fits well for all genres of music.

The curved compound top and integrated set neck offer resonance increased tuning stability and projection.

This is one feature that has been traditionally appreciated in the guitar world.


Quest for tone

Seagull Guitars owner Robert Godin is a perfectionist who is never satisfied with “good enough”.

He has done a tireless search since he joined the guitar industry which has contributed a lot to his guitars.

Seagull Guitar quality is not by chance; the innovation of Robert Godin has contributed it.

The top of every S6 Original is pressure tested for stiffness and rigidity to ensure paramount harmonic vibration.

The top is also compound curved uniquely to add structural integrity to this guitar to allow thinner bracing.

When all these features are combined, they result in a great and long-lasting performance.


Innovative neck construction

When you look at the Seagull neck construction, you might think that it is for beauty.

However, these guitars are given great attention during their construction for playability and tone performance.

At the same time, the neck construction of S6 original has created a fantastic guitar experience.

The neck of the S6 Original is not just a fretboard that you use for playing; it highly contributes to the tone creation.

The integrated set guitar neck of S6 Original gives your guitar the sound that’s better than you expected.

At the same time, this neck structure results in great stability when performing.

What about the magic of consistent and stable action that leads to a reduction in warping and twisting of your guitar.

We love the neck of this guitar due to many great attributes it adds to it. It has a perfectly set neck pitch that brings all the difference.

The fans of Seagull S6 are assured of optimized sound and playability plus many additional innovations found in all Seagull guitars.


Considering all the features attributed to Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar, we can list it among the most affordable guitars.

Many distributors sell it at 450 USD and below which is among the cheapest in its line of expertise.

The guitar is durable, and its great playability makes it a great choice not only for beginners but also experts.

If you need a guitar that will serve you for years without the fear of losing its sound and tone projection, this is the ideal choice.

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