{Review} Seagull Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar

Being confused when buying a guitar or any other musical instrument is normal and it happens to almost all guitarists.

Many have found themselves making the worst mistake of investing in a substandard guitar.

It is no longer about the price since it is possible to get a cheap guitar that is a great deal. One of such guitars is the Seagull Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar.

Properties of Seagull Artist Acoustic Electric Guitar

With much of what is Seagull you can be assured that any model they release to the market is worth trying. Among their models is the Seagull Artist which is highly famed by legendary guitarists who have named it their best choice of acoustic electric guitar.

This is an upgrade of the Artist Mosaic EQ guitar still by Seagull.

The guitar was improved to offer a whole set of new qualities and features not available in the Artist Mosaic model.

It provides its fans with smooth semi-gloss natural finish not forgetting the full-bodied dreadnought mahogany body shape.

This results in a highly vibrant and resonating exceptional tone projection.

Nothing would a serious musician look for more than what they get from Seagull Artist!

Apart from these properties, below are additional features that will make you give a thought to Seagull Artist as far as choosing the best guitar is concerned. 


Beautiful Design

Truth be told, we all love dressing smart and standing out among our peers.

For that reason, none of us would mind carrying a guitar that is beautifully designed.

This is the reason why Seagull decided to design the Artist model to bring your dream to reality.

This guitar is not only beautifully designed, but it also features a durable and stable body shape.

The guitar sports a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides for an incredibly balanced and full tone.

The elegantly-looking mahogany neck combined with Richlite fingerboard results in a gorgeous playability and response.

This gives a clear picture why guitarists of all styles have fallen in love with Artist Mosaic guitar from Seagull.

The pressure-tested solid spruce top is responsible for the guitar’s rigidity and optimal harmonic response.

The combination of solid mahogany back and sides and the solid spruce top enable the guitar to deliver impeccable tone plugged or unplugged.

The Richlite fingerboard on the Mahogany neck offers guitarists of all styles great playability and response.


Produces Impeccable Tone

Seagull Guitars has been in the market for over 40 years and they have tirelessly worked to bring high quality instruments.

Seagull Artist is one of their best products which stays true to their philosophy of providing great instruments at an affordable price.

Some of the features that adds to the uniqueness of their guitars is the hand-selected tonewoods used on all their acoustic guitars.

Artist Mosaic being one of them is not an exception.

The compound curved top placed above the sound hole brings a balance on the vibration of the strings.

The slight curving where the strings’ vibration is most active has resulted in a more robust acoustic projection.

This is a feature that all guitarists around the world appreciates.

Make a choice that guitar players of all styles are proud of.


LR Baggs Anthem pickup featured in the Seagull Artist guitar is a unique quality that has made it stand out among other acoustic electric guitars.

This made it to win the hearts of many guitarists around the world not forgetting the numerous awards it has received.

LR Baggs features patented TRU-MIC technology which brings a balance between the guitar’s famous Element pickup and proprietary condenser mic.

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