{Review} Yamaha A-Series A5R Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

No matter what the product you need, quality is always the first thing any client looks for. This is the reason why there are so many companies offering the same product but there are those that have remained reliable to date.

When it comes to buying guitars, one of the most trusted companies is Yamaha. Yamaha has a number of guitar series whose choice depends on the need and preference of the client. 

Yamaha A-Series A5R is one of the best guitars by Yamaha Company. The Yamaha A5R acoustic-electric guitar is crafted in Japan.

The guitar features an ARE-treated solid Stika spruce top with solid rosewood back and sides and a cutaway dreadnought body.

The fact that the Yamaha Company has been in business for many years is one of the reasons why most of the clients seem to trust the quality of their products. 

The Yamaha A-Series guitars have a unique neck profile that thrills the player to keep on playing their favorite tunes. You would never get tired of no matter how many hours you spend enjoying this well-constructed music instrument.

A Deep review of the Yamaha A-series A5R

There are many advantages that come with buying Yamaha A-Series A5R cutaway dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar vintage natural.

These advantages are because of its unique features, some of which are listed below:


Unique Top and Backboard Bracing

By just a single look at the Yamaha A5R guitar, you would confuse it for something else due to is traditional western body cutaway.

However, the resonation of its lows and highs brings out the whole difference.

This is because the guitar features more fuller high and low resonation than those generated by principle designs.

This has been made possible by the shorter backboard bracing and new scalloped top bracing featured in the Yamaha A5R guitar.

The modification made on this guitar allows it to resonate more naturally producing higher volume within low-mid ranges.

At the same time, this exceptional sound brings a balance between the traditional and the modern guitar.


Unique Top and Backboard Bracing

The Yamaha A5R guitar uses the Stika spruce for its top, which is the highest valued material for the same.

This choice material gives you stiff but elastic softwood that is perfectly fit for flatpicking, finger picking as well as aggressive strumming styles of play.

This guitar features a solid Sitka top that is treated at high heat. This helps in removing moisture and volatiles using the A.R.E process. This results into a beautiful aged color and greater stability.

The A5R guitar is fitted with solid rosewood back and sides producing warm and balanced tones that range from low to high.

Last but not least, the ebony fingerboard and bridge offers additional responsiveness. 


This is a 6-stringed acoustic-electric guitar with traditional western cutaway covered with a cool vintage natural finish.

The guitar also features solid rosewood back and sides and solid Sitka spruce top for warm and bright tone.

There are all good features associated with this first choice guitar not forgetting the attractive aged color system and excellent stability. 

Yamaha A5R guitar makes blending between SRT2 preamp and piezo signals easy for a personalized sound.

The Yamaha A5R guitar has been in use for many decades and its value has never gone done even a single inch. In fact, singers and songwriters seem to give it more value as they continue discovering better ways of improving it.

Therefore, if you are looking for a guitar that will serve you without disappointments, then you’ve got one right here!

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