{Review} Guild D-55 Acoustic Guitar Natural

As the going goes, “Old is gold” this perfectly fits in the description of the Guild D-55 Acoustic Guitar Natural.

Although this guitar has been around for many decades now, it’s quality and value in the music world has never changed.

The release of the Guild D-55 brought with it a new feeling of the beauty of music to all those who were lucky enough to own. 

Initially, this guitar was only sold as a special order. Therefore, not many guitarists were able to afford it.

Among the first people to own the Guild D-55 guitar was Tom Smothers and he used to play it during the Smothers Brothers Show. 

This guitar was therefore dubbed the TV Guitar. Although the fame and quality of many products fade away with time, the quality of Guild D-555 remains intact to date.

The Guild D-55 guitar brought with it something a bit swankier in the 1960s which explains the reason why it was highly valued by many guitarists. 


If you are new in the music world, you might not understand what the Guild D-55 guitar is.

However, looking at its special features, you might realize that this is exactly what you are looking for. These special features include.


Impeccably Built

Guild D-55 has Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid Sitka Spruce top.

The improvements of its predecessors include the refined dovetail neck joint which gives a better contact between neck and body.

The guitar also features a scalloped Adirondack spruce bracing that is important for lending power to the sound.

The guitar features 20 medium frets that seats clean and polished. The compensated saddle and the bone nut are perfectly notched and shaped.

At the same time, the soundboard sunburst pattern is skillfully shaped and shaded.

Not forgetting the nitrocellulose lacquer finish which is optimally thin and perfectly done. 


Unique Packaging

The Guild D-55 guitar is perfectly packaged for better services. The guitar is shipped in a faux reptile covering with a deluxe humidified case.

This case is enough to hint the beauty and luxuriousness of the product in the package.

The sunburst top is strikingly vibrant as is the glossy, lustrous, nitrocellulose lacquer finish.

The fretboard features an magnificent abalone-and-pearl “V-block” inlays. Last but not the least, the guitar features a Gold open-gear Gotoh tuners. 


Highly Playable Powerhouse

The Guild D-55 is not only reliable but it is a powerful guitar as well.

This is one guitar that produces smooth and audible sound that makes it fun to listen to.

It has rich low end notes that are well-defined. At the same time, this is the best tool to play basic open chords as it vibrates against your chest due to its ideal strummers.

If you are looking for a tool that has clear note separation, there would be no better choice than the Guild D-55.

When gently finger-picked, it produces a dulcet voice combined with a generous amount of sustain.

Unlike its predecessors, the Guild D-55 is moderately dry and doesn’t produce muddy sound even when played complex ringing chords.

The guitar produces natural and brilliantly sparkling harmonics at all locations. 


The Guild D feels terrific to play. Cradling it in any position whether seated or standing feels comfortable and reassuring.

It features smooth and comfortable fretboard edges which gives you an amazing feeling. This is the best choice of guitar for beginners and amateurs as it promises perfect results at all times.

A personal experience would be better than theory. Therefore, give yourself an opportunity of experiencing the magic of playing Guild D-55. 

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