RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 Deep Body cutaway acoustic Guitar

We all have different preferences when it comes to the choice of guitars we make. Some of us prefer small-sized guitars while others do well with large guitars.

But how would it feel if someone brought you a stringed instrument that is in-between? This is exactly what RainSong Hybrid Series offers all its fans.

Features of RainSong Hybrid Series

As the name suggests, this guitar produces great music and has features that you will not find in any other guitar.

The glass fiber and carbon fiber combination in its construction is the secret behind its name. This is because these two combinations lead to a RainSong sound.

Looking at the unique features in this guitar, you will no doubt that it is worth your sacrifice.
Some of these features are:


It's Crafting

RainSong guitars are known to be the best crafted guitars we have in the market.

However, the H-WS1000N2 has however been rated the best among them all. The N2’s body features both glass fibers and carbon fiber with no bracing.

The guitar has gone against the grain of the conventional woods and different methods of high-end guitars crafting.

This results in an exceptional guitar that never bows or warps. No matter the changes in temperature or humidity you throw at it.

The guitar is reassuringly conventional in shape and features an arrow waist, 25.4” scale length and a large chamber.

The generous single cutaway allows easy access to the neck.

The modified U-shaped neck is all-graphite and features an adjustable truss rod with a composite material fretboard.

Just like the many high-end guitars, Hybrid series has a total of 21 frets with simple white dot inlays.

If you are looking for a comfortable and light acoustic guitar, that is still strong and durable, RainSong H-W1000N2 should be your choice.

Overall, it is very stunning with great innovation that is appreciated by traditionalists.


Electric feature

H-WS1000N2 is an electro-acoustic guitar, and hence, we can’t fail to discuss its electronic feature.

The guitar sports a Fishman Prefix+T preamp system that features a wide range of controls like bass, volume, semi-parametric contour controls, and treble.

The guitar also features a phase switch, an onboard chromatic tuner, and a brilliance control.

Other notable hardware features of the N2 include; a carbon fiber headstock.

The headstock features chrome-plated tuners whose gear ratio is a smooth 1:18—not forgetting the matching bridge pins and tusq saddle and a bridge that is made of a composite material.

Last but not least, the customized hard shell makes this a durable instrument that matches its cost.


Sound Projection

Are you almost convinced? If you are not, then the sound of this guitar will be enough to convince you.

The tone produced by carbon fiber is just great. Although it might not match that of Sapele, spruce, and rosewood, it won’t disappoint you.

RainSong Hybrid series a bright overall sound that is well-defined thanks to the glass and carbon fibers mellowing things out.

Surprisingly, you will get a good bass response as a bonus of trusting this guitar.

The Fishman Prefix+T system does pretty well when plugged-in. With the extensive controls, it becomes incredibly flexible through an amp.


Are you looking for a sturdy and durable guitar that you can take everywhere you go? RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2 acoustic guitar should be your choice number one.

This guitar never disappoints, and it is a great companion that gives exactly what you are looking for from an acoustic guitar.

Due to its flexibility, tuning stability, and lightweight nature, it is an excellent choice to take on the stage! 

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