PRS Paul Reed Smith Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar

It is not easy to tell the future of any industry by just looking at a single product or company.

Although we know that there is a great future in the guitar industry, it is not easy to exactly tell whose hands this industry lies on. 

For some, it is more of a movement that everybody wants to have a say in and, if possible, have domineering power.

The Unique features of Paul Reed Smeeth Products

For Paul Reed Smith, life is not all about dominating the industry. It is more of choosing what works best for everyone.

Paul Reed Smith is one unique guitarist who decided to start his own guitar company to deal with different challenges he was facing as a guitarist. In the process, he has provided excellent solutions to guitarists all over the world.

Paul Reed Smith’s invention is unique in that it revolves around electric guitars. He had a vision of creating a future for electric guitars, which he worked hard on, and today, we are proud of his bravery.

It is now 34 years down the line, and guitarists around the world are happy with his work. This has earned him a top position in the electric guitar industry, but it has also motivated him.

Paul Reed Smith guitars have unique qualities, some of which include:



The Tuners of PRS are uniquely made of their design while the nuts are synthetic.

However, some models sport Korean-made Kluson-style tuners. Identifying a Paul Reed Smith guitar is quite easy as they wear three original bridge designs.

These designs are a vibrato, one-piece pre-intonated stop tail, and a wrap over the tailpiece.

All these designs feature unique characteristics that you will fall in love with.

As for the vibrato, it features an updated version of Fender vibrato and uses cam-locking tuners. 

This resulted in exceptional tuning stability and wide pitch bending.



Although most guitars feature humbuckers pickups, some are simply a pair of single coils that are perfectly wounded up in opposing directions.

One is intended for the bridge while the other one is designed for the neck.

PRS makes use of a single rotary pickup selector switch that offers 5 different sounds and a combination of chimney single-coil Stratocaster-like and thick humbucking Gibson-like tones.

T standard bass and treble pickups use magnetic pole pieces as well as a rear-placed feeder magnet in the rigid inner coil.

When this is split by the turning switch, it results in a more authentic single-coil tone.

Paul Reed Smith keeps on upgrading its products to ensure that whatever they give to their clients is exactly what they are looking for.

The upgrades majorly concentrate on the tuner button's weight, the hookup wire, and many others.



Paul Reed Smith's first guitar was manufactured in 1985, and it was known as PRS Standard.

This was followed by another more affordable model that they named classic electric (CE) models.

Unfortunately, this was discontinued in 2009. Six years later, after some consultations, the model was reintroduced to the market.

Their third model to be introduced to the market was known as PRS EG, which was their first 22-fret guitar.

PRS Company was committed to giving more to the electric guitar market, and the success of one model led to another.

Today, they have countless numbers of models in the market.


If you are looking for an electric guitar that has been designed by someone who understands your need, try out PRS. You will get not only a good quality musical instrument but also a companion everywhere you go. 

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