Martin DRS2 Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar {Review}

Every time we talk about high-quality guitars, the first thing that comes to our mind is a high price tag.

This is not only the case with guitars only but with all products in the market. We tend to believe that anything that is of good quality must be expensive.

This, however, isn’t always necessarily true. The Martin DRS2 Pro acoustic guitar is one of the good-quality products that don’t come with an astronomical price.

Why Choose Martin DRS2

If you are a devotee of Martin guitars, you already know that they never grow tired of innovating and improving their products.

This is one of the qualities that have helped the company survive the growing pressure and competition of this industry.

One of their best products is the Martin DRS2 guitar which has remained a force to reckon with among the acoustic guitars.

The guitar has excellent qualities, some of which are listed below:



The first thing you see when window-shopping for a guitar is its body.

We love something that is appealing to look at and at the same time, something that will serve us for years. 

Spruce is one of the most naturally beautiful and durable woods we have in the market so far.

The wood can be glossed and polished as well as machined into a straight arrow to come up with a straight overall appearance.

The Martin Company decided to use spruce to create Martin DRS2 because of the factors stated above.

The body of DRS2 is made of Sitka spruce top. It has a black pickguard that adds to the protection and the durability of the body.

If you make an accident with your pick, you have nothing to worry about as the black pickguard is there to offer the extra protection needed.



One of the most significant aspects of a guitar without a doubt is tuning.

If you can quickly and easily produce an accurate tone, it means you spend more time playing and less time tuning.

With many acoustic guitars, repeated tuning can easily wear out your tuners and headstock.

When it comes to Martin Drs2, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to tuning your guitar.

The chrome tuners and the headstock are not only quick and easy to tune, but they also provide the durability you need.

With the incredibly stylish design of the headstock with the Martin design, you will love your guitar even more.


Double Capability

The Martin DRS2 guitar is unique in its way. This is because it features both acoustic and electric capabilities that make mixing up your routine easier as you won’t need to separate instruments.

If you enjoy playing both acoustic and electric guitars, this will be an added advantage for you.

The double capability makes Martin DRS2 an ideal guitar for live performances, jamming out in your garage as well as a studio recording.

The guitar works greater when you utilize it as an acoustic and an electric instrument.

The guitar is equipped with a fantastic Fishman Sonitone Pickup system that makes it suit in almost all settings.


Martin DRS2 Pro Acoustic guitar does not only have a great body but the neck as well. Its neck features a low modified oval shape and a set-in design that gives guitarists the finest playability available.

The construction of the neck and the multi-laminated Stratabond design adds to the stability and the endurance of the guitar. It also has an added black Richlite fretboard feature. The Richlite fretboard does not only give off an appearance that is exceptionally similar to ebony, but it is also fun to play on.

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