[Review] Martin 15 Series D-15M Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Martin’s have been known for centuries for being the leading company when it comes to guitar production.

Over the years, many companies have been established and are all doing great work as far as their products are concerned.

However, none of them have been able to give better results than the Martin offer to its clients. 

The release of the Martin 15 Series D-15M guitar was a real deal-breaker. It seems like it was pulled right out of the history books, and it has delivered great sound for the ages.

The Martin has been around for almost two millenniums now as there are celebrating their 175th birthday in the market.

Their guitar design trends remain to be countless. The good thing about them is that regardless of how many new models and designs they release, they never tamper with their quality. 

The Martin 15 series D-15M acoustic guitar features 14 open frets, a vast range of tone not mentioning its unique design. This is one of the most long-lasting guitars we have in the market as it is made of durable materials. 

Qualities of Martin 15 Series D-15M

If you have no idea of what the Martin 15 Series D-15M acoustic guitar is, below are some of its notable features.



The Martin 15 Series D-15M acoustic guitar is durable. This is because, its back, top and sides are made of genuine solid mahogany.

Apart from contributing to its durability, the mahogany wood gives the guitar a strong tone with a clear, crisp subtieties in the definition of each note among other features.

The fact that the mahogany wood is free of deformities and other air pockets, it is praised for its great density. Therefore, although it might not be the hardest tonewood, it gives great results in tone definition. 


Reminiscent sound release

The Martin 15 Series D-15M guitar produces vintage sound which is one of the qualities that has made it popular since its invention.

The mortise and tennon neck joint offers this guitar choice wood binding practice that has never been conceived. 

The wood binding process produces a single strong unit that is able to stand up to the elements over and over again. This is evidenced in the tone strength and projection power that is released by each Martin acoustic guitar strum.

Great features

The Martin 15 Series D-15M acoustic guitar features a solid mahogany neck. The fingerboard and the bridge are made of solid East Indian rosewood, which adds to smooth sustains to the mix.

The 1-11/16 in nut width, 16in radius, 2-1/8 bridge string, and 14 open frets make it easy and comfortable when moving the fingerboard. 

In addition to this, the bone nut, single-ring rosette, solid East Indian rosewood headplate, solid/square taper headstock, and the square and diamonds fingerboard inlay makes this a great choice.

Other notable features of this guitar are the open-geared tuning machines that feature butterbean knobs, belly-style bridge, and the solid black ebony bridges, to mention a few.


Although listing down all the great qualities and features highly notable in this guitar might not be easy, we can all agree that it is worth our attention.

When doing shopping for any gadget, whether it’s for home or office use, durability is a key point. This should not be different when shopping for the right musical instrument to buy.

Although the Martin 15 Series D-15M might be a bit expensive, the quality of sound produced is worth paying for. Martin has never failed its clients and it will not start today. 

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