{Review} Martin 15 Series 000-15M Auditorium Acoustic Guitar

Bearing in mind that Martins has been in the guitar market for more than a millennium now is enough to trust their products.

Although there are so many new companies that are coming up by day, none matches up to the Martins.

The quality of their products is just out of this world. Martin 000-15M is one of their most treasured guitars.

Features of Martin 000-15M Acoustic Guitar

The Martin’s have great designs and innovation when it comes to guitar designs. For that reason, most of the other guitar makers are getting their designs from them.

Some are lucky enough to have an almost-similar guitar design with the Martin’s, but many of them are still trying to date.

The Martin’s thought of coming up with an all-mahogany guitar in the 1920s and their first was the Martin 2-17.

It is suspected that this was borne out of the ukulele and Hawaiian music that hit America during the interwar period.

Martin ukes well all-mahogany and had small bodies. The burgeoning acoustic blues scene set made it a trendsetter.

Some of the features associated with Martin 000-15M are as listed below:


Body Style

Martin 000-15M is among the best of the Martin 15 series. It looks like it is a replica of the historical Martin guitars, and the sound it delivers agrees with its looks.

With a history of 175 years in the guitar world, Martin has released uncountable guitar design trends in the market.

As it is, they have set a benchmark of the quality of high-end guitars that other companies use.

This is, however, not enough reason for them to take a break and maintain their status quo.

Instead, they are coming up with better designs by day to ensure that they remain relevant in the fast-growing guitar industry.

In the way of creating a balance between the old and young generation, Martin’s still embraces traditional design techniques.

The combination of the traditional design techniques and the modern techniques results in their guitar’s timeless tone.

This is exactly what they did with their Martin 15 Series 000-15M model.


Perfect Blend of Typical Features

The vintage features and modern technology perfectly blended on Martin 15 Series 000-15 M guitar contributes to its uniqueness.

This has resulted in an acoustic guitar with classic Martin good looks, exceptional tone, and playability.

The top, back, and sides are made of book-matched solid genuine mahogany plus A-frame Sitka spruce X-bracing. Not forgetting the traditional maple bridge-plate.

The neck is made of genuine mahogany, and features 14-frets joined to an East Indian rosewood bridge-plate and fingerboard.

The traditional belly-bridge features a bone saddle and nut as well.

The guitar is embellished with a satin lacquer and a dark brown mahogany stain finish.

The result is a beautiful and straightforward guitar with a rich, warm mahogany voice.

Reading all these features would make this guitar look like an enormous exaggeration.

Your first sight of it will be a great surprise as other minor unique features have not been listed above.


The Martin’s have a one year warranty on all their Backpackers, Ukuleles, and Little Martins.

However, all their other guitars come with a limited lifetime warranty. This is not all. Martin 000-15M Acoustic guitar is an affordable high-end guitar that many guitarists are proud of.

You would never complete reviewing any musical instrument without mentioning its sound and tone.

Martin Series 000-15M acoustic guitar produces a rich, smooth, and classic sound that is correctly set. Although the Martins are known for producing quality high-end guitars, 000-15M is unique in its way. 

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