{Review} Ibanez PF15ECENT Performance Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Guitar sound makes music very sweet. With a smooth, well-played, and tuned guitar, you will experience what it feels to have a taste of real music.

However, all these can come crumbling down by the wrong choice of a guitar.

Therefore, if you want to know what it feels like to get perfect music, choose the right acoustic-electric guitar like Ibanez.

Features of Ibanez PF15ECE

Nothing sounds better than a well-crafted acoustic-electric guitar. Getting one, however, is where the challenge is. This should not be a problem anymore.

With Ibanez PF15ECE, you are assured of a sure way of getting things done.

PF15ECE provides you with warm, rich, and low sweet sustains, and the natural tone is all features that you can never be able to ignore.

There are many great features associated with Ibanez, and some of them are listed below:


Sound projection

One of the most important features of any well-designed and crafted guitar is its sound projection.

Spruce has been the ideal top wood choice for specially crafted big-bodied dreadnoughts.

It projects strong and characteristic broad overtones, and it is for the same reason that Ibanez decided to choose Spruce for their guitar.

Spruce top of PF15ECE provides an excellent balance between sparkling highs and bold lows. The Spruce top is combined with nyatoh back and sides.

This results in an acoustic-electric guitar with a phenomenal sustain and fantastic projection.

If you are looking for a guitar that you can play during your quiet moments, PF15ECE is your perfect choice. At the same time, it will come in handy when looking for a loud gig guitar.


Unique Body Style

This guitar features a dreadnought body shape that is well-designed, resulting in its popularity in the acoustic guitar world.

Since Ibanez landed in the guitar-playing world, its unique body style dictates the world of acoustic guitars.

This is because, for a long time, guitarists have been looking for a guitar that would project the natural sound of their guitars.

This was never possible until the dreadnought body style of Ibanez was released in the market.

It came with a fantastic sound-slinging power that shook the music industry.

The PA systems make things even better and easier today. Every time you pick your PF15ECE acoustic-electric, the clarity and punch projected is just amazing.

The cutaway dreadnought body style gives this guitar a classy look at and makes it easy to play.

Hence, it is the best choice for beginners and amateurs as well as experts.


Onboard electronics

PF15ECE features a built-in Ibanez AEQ2T preamp plus an under-saddle pickup.

This results in the tone and power you will need to use, whether in the studio or on stage.

With the AEQ2T, active preamp, you get a 2-band EQ, which produces excellent sound and balance in virtually any function.

Not forgetting the built-in guitar tuner, which makes things even better.


Reasonably priced

I know that it is the dream of every guitarist to own a guitar they can be proud of.

At the same time, no one is ready to break the bank to get themselves a classical guitar.

The secret, therefore, is looking for a guitar that you will not only be proud of but one that you can comfortably afford.

With Ibanez PF15ECE, this is exactly what you get.


With all the unique features of this guitar, you would be tempted to think it is a very expensive guitar.

However, the truth is, all these features come at a package that is pocket-friendly and convenient for any upcoming guitarist.

The lively and balanced tone projected by Ibanez PF15ECE makes it a perfect instrument while at home, in the studio, or even onstage. 

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