{Review}Ibanez Performance Series PF15 Acoustic Electric Guitar

With all the acoustic guitars in the market today, choosing an excellent beginner-friendly guitar is not easy.

There are hundreds of good acoustic-electric guitars crafted with the user in mind. Many companies have put more emphasis on the quality, decency, and affordability of all their guitars. Ibanez has not been left out as well.

Qualities of Ibanez Performance Series Guitar

Ibanez is among the best and highly regarded manufacturers of acoustic-electric guitars.

Although you are spoilt for choice as far as choosing the best beginner-friendly acoustic guitar is concerned, you still can’t go wrong with Ibanez PF15.

This guitar sports excellent features that you will never find in other guitars under this price range. Some of these features are listed below:



Ibanez is among the best and well-known guitar manufacturers in the market today.

This has highly contributed to its popularity among many guitarists, both upcoming and those who have been in the market for some time.

One of the most recognizable uniqueness of their guitars is the quality.
Ibanez guitars have high quality and are classy and durable.

They feature a dreadnought acoustic-electric design with a cutaway. Although the guitar is full-sized, it is pretty light in weight giving it easy playability.

The cutaway also makes PF15 easy to handle.

The mahogany back and sides combined with a spruce top result in a stable instrument with clear sound and nice volume.

These are also the materials that have been used in many acoustic guitars over the years, and hence, they are reliable.

The slim mahogany neck is comfortable to handle for both beginners and intermediate guitarists.


Sound Projection

The PF15 has been constructed in such a way that it is an ideal instrument for any level of professionalism.

At the same time, it is a perfect guitar for any style and genre of music. Whether using an amplifier or not, PF15 will still produce nice and complete sound for any occasion.

This has made it perfectly fit among the decent quality and affordable guitars we have today.

The Ibanez Performance Series might have a bit high action, which is suitable for experts.

However, if you are a beginner, this might be a challenge, but the problem is fixable, so you have nothing to worry about.



When we look at many acoustic-electric guitars under this price range, you will agree that PF15 is unique in its way.

This guitar offers all the basic features that you would look for in a good acoustic-electric guitar.

A basic feature doesn’t mean that you will miss out on anything. All the other qualities on high-end guitars are insignificant for beginners.

Ibanez PF15 features black and white soundhole rosette and chrome die-cast machine heads. The machine heads are extremely easy to use and functional.

Finally, the transparent blue sunburst and high gloss finish make it look classy and doesn’t prevent it from vibrating freely.



The PF15 does not only have decent, beginner-friendly hardware, but it is also good electronic-wise.

This model is packed with a preamp system (with 2-band EQ) and an onboard pickup. This makes it a perfect tool for both personal use as well as jamming in bands.


One of the best and notable qualities of the Ibanez PF15 is its ability to coalesce electronics with acoustic models without making its sound sub-par.

With all these qualities, told to guess the price range of this guitar, we would all go wrong.

This is because; it seems very expensive, while in the real sense, it is very cheap with a price range of $200 and below. 

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