Ibanez IJV50 Jampack Acoustic Guitar (Review)

Once in a while, it is not easy to choose a perfect gift for your loved ones.

All you want is to get them something that will last them long and also add value to their lives. What else would stand better than the Ibanez IJV50 Jampack guitar?

What is The Ibanez IJV50 Jampack Guitar?

There are different types and models of guitars that have been released in the market by Ibanez guitar brand.

Although Ibanez is a guitar brand that is based in Japan, its products are all over the world.

The owner Hoshino Gakki from Nagoya, Aichi, Japan, Hoshino Gakki and his work has gained a noteworthy foothold in exporting guitars.

This should explain the significant rise in the popularity of this company.

One of its best products is the IJV50 Jampack which has attracted the attention of many guitarists due to its special features.

In this article, I will list down the special features that make this product unique and worth trying.


The Guitar Packaging 

Looking at the different guitars sold in the market today, you can agree that Ibanez deserves to be placed among the best in the market today.

Apart from its unique features, the packaging of this guitar is excellent and makes life easy for the guitarist.

This product comes with a steel-string that is full-sized for acoustic guitars.

At the same time, it comes packed with all the necessary accessories you need in practising and playing gigs.

This makes it a top choice in the list of the best guitars for beginners.

How about the fact that you get your guitar with V50NT, dreadnought acoustic guitar with a natural high-gloss finish in your kit?

Apart from these accessories, you also receive a free gig bag, a guitar strap, a clip-on tuner and guitar picks.

We can also not forget that Ibanez includes an accessory pouch as part of the accessories packed in the kit.

Therefore, when you receive your guitar, you need not go back to the shops looking for accessories.

You can get your guitar on your way to the gig and be sure that you will not be disappointed.


Great Quality

The best way of learning the quality of a product is by listening or reading the reviews of other clients.

This is because they tell it as it is. If they didn’t like the product, they would say exactly that, and they will even highlight when they didn’t like the product.

According to reviews from clients and guitarists, they agree that this guitar is of high quality.

Therefore, we can comfortably say that with this product, you will be assured of quality.


Great Price

They say “cheap price and low quality” however, this is very different when it comes to Ibanez products.

Ibanez has the user at heart. They are not so much concerned with making a profit as they are with satisfying the needs of their clients.

Therefore, their products are not only of good quality, but they are also affordable. Ibanez IJV50 Jampack costs $150 and below.


Although we might not think the appearance of guitar matters, it surely does. The perspective of the people will be first on what you are carrying. If you have a guitar that looks cheap, your audience will expect very little from you. However, if you have a well-done and pleasing guitar, your audience will treat you with respect. At the same time, it will go a very long way in building your inner confidence. This is one of the essential qualities of a good guitarist. Before gaining trust and respect from the rest, you need to first believe in your abilities.

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