{Review} Ibanez AW54CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The value of our music projection highly depends on the musical instruments we use.

A good instrument results in great playability and hence, it is a perfect assurance of great melody and harmonious music.

In the past, getting such an instrument was not an easy affair but today, things have changed for the best.

There are hundreds of brands in the market that we can rely on.

Ibanez are historically known for releasing the best guitars in the market. 

Many people appreciate and love their great contribution in world music especially in the acoustic-electric guitars.

Ibanez has several models with different features and price range.

In this article, we will look at the features of Ibanez AW54CE Acoustic Electric Guitar.

If you are looking for a guitar that will allow you to hit all the right notes, AW54CE is the guitar to choose.

The guitar has a perfect balance because of the internal X bracing, the solid okume construction results in an instrument with great looks and a balanced sound.

This is ideal in any playing method whether fingerpicking or strumming.

There are countless features that you would associate with this guitar and some of them are listed below:



Ibanez guitar boast of a magical Artwood series which is rarely found in other acoustic guitars.

It has a great combination of fine construction techniques and quality tonewoods.

To make the acoustic sound come out clearly, the Ibanez took their time to select the materials.

This also has contributed not only to the sound but also to the durability of the guitar.

A simple touch on the AW54CE guitar, you will appreciate the artwork and how fine this guitar is.

Strong fundamentals and ample sustain of the solid okume construction has resulted in a bold and perfect choice for a big-bodied guitar.

To add on this, they employed X bracing on the guitar for a wide—ranging tone that is not too muddy or indistinct.


Great Sound

Any gigging guitarist will tell you that Fishman is known for making one of the greatest acoustic amplification systems around.

This explains why Ibanez decided to give their AW54CE acoustic guitar a Fishman’s Sonicore pickup.

The same is powered by their AEQ210TF preamp to produce reliable treble, bass and volume controls and a great fast tone.

Unlike other acoustic electric guitars that seem to lose their value after some time.

Ibanez AW54CE keeps its sound longer due to the built-in tuners.

All the additional features seems perfectly placed to give you more than what you are looking for.


Body and Neck

Ibanez AW54CE sports a classic dreadnought shaped body, a 25.6 inches scale length and single cutaway.

The dark brown body is enough to tell you that the guitar is an all-mahogany model.

The back and sides are definitely laminated but the top is pure mahogany.

This is an additional advantage for guitars at this price range.

The entire body features an open pore finish which contributes to the rustic aesthetics of AW54CE.

Although this doesn’t change the sound a lot, it is a great advantage.

The neck joins the body of the guitar at 1he 14th fret gives a flow to the mahogany theme.


AW54CE guitar is great to look at with the hand-friendly satin finish that makes it ultra-smooth and easy to play.

It features 20 frets with simple dot inlays and an attractive tortoiseshell pickguard.

Although this might seem so simple, it makes it a stylish guitar and gives it a great vintage appeal.

Adding to the price of the guitar is enough reason to give the guitar a try if looking for a reliable acoustic electric guitar. Learn more about Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $300

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