How to Restring Your Guitar like a Pro

​Looking for ways to restring your guitar? In this post, we have mentioned the complete guide on how to restring a guitar.

You can find the steps of the guitar, and you can follow those steps depending on the type of guitar you are using.


How to restring a Guitar?

Most players should change strings about once every 90 days or 5.4 days of practice. It doesn’t matter if you’re late by awhile.

You can use the strings long or more; you can continue to use them for hours. However, a guitarist needs to know how to string and restring a guitar.

How to restring a Classical Guitar?

​Firstly, everyone who's owning planning to buy a classical guitar must learn how to change your strings.

Restringing the classical guitar is a little complicated compared to acoustic or electric guitar.

One of the Classical Guitar has 6 nylon strings (3 of them look like metal)

It is essential to create a locking loop to make sure there’s no slippage. It is used to bend the plain nylon string under two times and the strings at least once.

It will make sure that the string is locked in place.

Then use the thumb and forefingers to straighten each string. Make sure to tune the pitch and repeat the straightening process.

Be careful while stretching the strings, and make sure to stretch it properly and make sure you’re not stretching it aggressively.

It is usual for classic plain nylon treble strings (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) to last longer compared to (4th, 5th, and 6th).

Usually, most of the guitarists will do 2 or 3 sets of wound bass strings for every set of plain nylon strings.

How to restring an acoustic guitar?

Acoustic guitars have 6 strings. It usually will have 4 bass strings and 2 plain strings. The bass one needs to be Thicker, and plain one needs to be in place.

Let’s go and follow these steps to restring your Acoustic Guitar.

  • Firstly, turn the heads clockwise to make them loose from tuning
  • Next, push the end into the body of the guitar. 
  • You will be able to remove the bridge pins easily.
  • Now, remove the old one carefully from a hole, or you can Bridge Pin puller.
  • Use the Bridge Pin Puller to stiff the strings.
  • Now, clean the Guitar and make sure there’s no dust or lint in between the strings.
  • If you’ve Lemon oil, you can take a cloth and rub it into the fingerboard.
  • Next, make sure to give it a clean polish and leave it for some time so that it will be dried.
  • With new strings, end make a 45-degree bend. So, that will keep them in place.
  • Take the sharpest end and push into the relevant hole. Push the Bridge Pin into the hole with a thicker edge. Only use a little pressure to push into it and make sure they’re not jammed.
  • Once everything is done, slowly pull one by one. Repeat the same process and make sure you’re pushing it into the right hole.
  • Turn the strings Anticlockwise and keep in mind that you’re not leaving it without turning it in anticlockwise
  • Finally, grab a wire cutter and spin-off the excess length and don’t do it too much as there might be a chance of breaking.

How to restring Electric Guitar?

Electric guitarists need to change the strings more often than Acoustic or classical guitars.

Because they’re built-in with hardware that involves the process of changing strings quickly, like acoustic strings, have ball ends, and they’re made of metal.

But electric guitars are composed of a lighter gauge wire; you need not worry about restringing part as it is not much complicated, and there’s no big trick.

All you need to do is just cut the wire and unwind it. Let’s get to know the procedure of restringing the electric guitar now.

  • Firstly, it is very easy if you remove the tremolo arm.
    Note: On some models, there may be a string left inside a hole. We need to remove the old one, so loosen them by rotating them clockwise. Be careful while removing them from the hole as it is a little tricky part, and there’s a chance of the finger getting twisted.
  • Next, push the old strings through the bridge. Sometimes, there might be a chance that they will get stuck; in that case, you need to use a thin rod and then push it slightly. Else, you can use a wire cutter to remove the curly end.
  • Once you're done, you can pull strings through the bridge you need to remember which hole the thickest was in.
  • Next, give a good clean to Guitar and make sure to clear all the dust and list between the strings. I recommend you to use Lemon oil to put it on the cloth and then gently rub it on the board to clean the wood. Make sure to clean both sides and read the instructions twice before using the oil.
  • Now, give a good polish to the guitar and use a small paintbrush to clean everything which is on board. So, that it will not disturb your audience if you don’t do that, it will look awkward.
  • After that, prepare a new set of strings to a set of colored balls. Take the thicket edge the E and push it gently through the hole and repeat the process one by one.
  • Once all 6 are in place, fold it over the top of itself. Turn the machine and head it anti-clockwise to tighten it.

Signs to restring a guitar

  • Make sure there's no gunk under the strings.
  • Fretboard clean or dirty.
  • Do the strings look discolored?
  • How the strings sound?
  • Check if the guitar is holding tune?
  • Has it been more than 100 days?


We hope that you have enjoyed our guide thoroughly. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to comment below. 

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