How To Record Acoustic Guitar ( Check This 5 Tips)

This page is focused on solving the problem most people face with recording their performance with an acoustic guitar.

If you are among those searching for how to record acoustic guitar, then you are just at the right place.

We have the simplified means you can easily get familiar with so that you can always get to record your performance as you wish.

There are some details you need to give attention to if you want to record your acoustic guitar.

Below are some steps you need to take when recording your acoustic guitar.


Choose The Right Microphone

If you are set to record your acoustic guitar, then you must get all accessories needed available, and one of them is your microphone.

You have two options as regarding microphones which is either you get a condenser or a dynamic microphone.

Over time, the sound you want to achieve has an influence on your choice of microphone.

Both steel and nylon string acoustic have detail-laden, nuanced sound and due to this, a condenser microphone is sure a perfect fit.

You can either get the one of large or small diaphragm depending on the recording space you have.

Also, you should never feel dejected if you have dynamic microphones for recording.

Although they are less sensitive than condenser microphones, they can still perform excellently, but you will need to have support from your mixer or interface to pick up even the tiny details when recording.


Find The Right Place To Record

The next thing you need to do after getting your guitar and sorting the microphone you want to use; you need to choose the place you intend to do your recording.

You can make use of your bedroom, garage, and anywhere you think it will be best for your recording.

That which is important is that you should get somewhere you will feel comfortable, relax and free from interference or disturbance.

A quiet location is the best for acoustic recording than the ones that give background noise.


Mic Placement

Most people do not give attention to this part of a recording, and so it thus affects the final output or production of their recording.

For you to achieve a balanced sound using a single cardioid pattern mic, you should place the mic at about 30 cm away from the guitar where the neck joins the body of the guitar.

If you want a low-end production, you can move the microphone towards the soundhole and ensure it is not directly pointing at it.

Placing the mic near or behind the bridge of your guitar will result in low frequencies as well.


Mono And Stereo Recording

If you are recording, you have got two signal options to choose from, and the first is mono and the second is the stereo.

Recording your acoustic in stereo gives greater depth to your signal, and that influences the listening experience.

You can also record in mono as most people prefer it above the stereo.

However, you can use the two while you just have to set the stereo at work while you mute one mic to go mono if you prefer to switch sound.

Blending two microphone signals is one of the best practices for acoustic users, but you need to get used to it before using it.



To cap it all, you need to make use of your headphone to judge the quality of your recordings.

Headphones are highly recommended for recording, mixing and the listening to the production of the recording to know the quality before rendering.


This page tells you how to record acoustic guitar if you are on the lookout for this information online.

It is not as hard as you think it is.

You can simply follow the information on this page, and we hope you can easily record your acoustic guitar without hassles.

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