{Review} Gretsch Guitars G5022C Rancher Falcon Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Gretsch Rancher acoustics continue getting better by day. Every step they make in the guitar industry is always better than the previous one.

If you have had a chance of touching the predecessors of Gretsch 5022CWFE, you will perfectly understand what I mean when you lay your hands on it.

Our guitar preferences are very different. Some prefer the small guitars while others prefer the Jumbo model. If you are in the category of guitarists who are fascinated by jumbo guitars you must get interested in the G5022CWFE Rancher Falcon Jumbo.

In this article, we are going to list down all the great qualities of this guitar, its features and pros and cons.


Great tone

The G5022C Rancher falcon acoustic guitar features a full-bodied jumbo tone with sparkling glided appointments.

It also gives you a full-on Gretsch Falcon Style not forgetting the onboard electronics that give you a peerless amplified tone.


Elegant finishing

The jumbo cutaway of this guitar features a gloss white finishing with an incredible gold-sparkle that binds on the back, the top, the fingerboard, headstock and the soundhole.

If you are looking for a classic guitar that you can carry around anywhere you go without feeling ashamed, Gretch Rancher Falcon should be your number one choice.


The body structure of the guitar  

Looking at a layman’s perspective, there is no significant difference in how a guitar is constructed.

Many people think that it is only the quality of the guitar that matters in the tone and sound you get in return.

Although this might be true with many other musical instruments, it is very different when it comes to guitars.

The body shape and structure of a guitar matters a lot as it is the determinant of the quality of music you get from it.

Some of the premium features of the Gretsch model is a solid spruce top and a scalloped X bracing.

The arched back and the maple sides with a combination of the classic Rancher triangular soundhole are features you cannot ignore.

This guitar has a mahogany neck, and it is fitted with 21-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Describing all the features of Rancher 5033 might not be conclusive, but there are some features that you can never ignore.

Apart from the qualities named earlier, we can also not forget to mention the vertical winged Sparkle logo that is encrypted on the guitar’s V-shaped headstock.

In addition, the guitar comes with a Neo-Classic thumbnail inlays deluxe tuners and a compensated bridge with a rosewood base.

Finally, the gold-plated hardware is what completes the elegant body of this guitar.


  • Body finish: Gloss Polyester
  • Body Style: Rancher 17 in.
  • Color: White with a combination of Gold Sparkle Appointments
  • Neck is made of Mahogany with 21 frets.
  • The top is made of Solid Spruce while the back and sides are Laminated Maples.
  • It features a Jumbo cutaway.

Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to play.
  • It is bright, although not very loud.
  • Great rich tone.
  • It is a perfect choice for both amateurs and experts.
  • Works perfectly well through the amp and even when unplugged.
  • A bit expensive
  • Not very loud.


Gretsch 5022CWFE ids are so unique that it can never be confused with any other model in the market. With the Fishman Sonicore under-saddle pickup combined with Isys and preamp system provides amazing amplified performance. It is also responsible for the tone and phase controls which are essential in guitar playing. For better results, you can take to a qualified technician for some adjustments as per your preference.

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