Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar Review

When it comes to choosing a guitar brand, it is never easy as the guitar market is flooded today. Acoustic guitars are also as many as any other guitar type, and all of them claim to be the best, and for sure, they all had an advantage over the other.

However, if you have come across Fender FA-100, we can all agree that it is up above the rest.
Many musicians and songwriters prefer acoustic guitars as it fits in almost all genres of music.

And therefore, with an acoustic guitar, you will be able to move from Rock to the country to Jaz, among many others.

The question, however, is, which is the best acoustic guitar model? In this article, we are going to list down a few qualities of Fender FA-100 acoustic guitar that makes it more preferable than the rest.

There are very many notable qualities of Fender FA-100 that have made it be rated among the best by its users. Some of these qualities include:


Top finish

Fender FA-100 features a laminated spruce top while the sides are made of Agathis wood as well as the back and the neck.

Unlike many other acoustic guitars that rosewood fingerboard, Fender FA-100 features a pau-Ferro fingerboard.

The neck is c-shaped that features a truss rod for adjusting the strings. The tuners are chrome-covered for fine-tuning.

Its saddle and nut that is synthetic bone compensated is also another unique feature that is not common with other acoustic guitars.

The saddle and the nut bring more consistency to the guitar’s feel and sound.

Another quality that you will never get elsewhere is the Fender Duratone strings that are only available on Fender FA-100.

The Duratone strings help you to use the guitar without switching the, right away.

The body and neck of Fender FA-100 have a glossy finish, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches.

Apart from the glossy finish, the black pickguard also offers extra protection.

In simple terms, this guitar features finer details in its finishing that makes it stand out among other acoustic guitars.


Tone quality

Nothing feels good than having a guitar that performs as expected, and this is precisely what Fender FA-100 gives you.

Compared to other guitars in this price range, this guitar has a richer tone. This makes it a perfect choice for practicing as it gives you enough clarity.


The string action

Fender FA features a welcoming string action; hence, fretting the strings is easy even for beginners and intermediate players.

This is because it has low action. Although the low-action can cause buzzing sometimes, you can have it configured by a qualified guitar technician.

Its easy playability has made this guitar a perfect choice for beginner guitarists regardless of the genre of music they are playing.

Fender FA-100 gives you compensated string height, which makes playing arpeggios easy for both learners and intermediary guitarists.

The guitar also comes with visible fretboard inlays that make it easy for you to find the right frets.


Looking at all the above features of Fender FA-100 guitar, you would be tempted to think it is an expensive guitar. However, the truth is, Fender FA-100 guitar is among the cheapest acoustic guitars we have in the market. The price of this guitar ranges between 100 to 140 US dollars, making it the most convenient guitar for beginners. With all the unique features of this guitar, it can be rated among the best, durable, and the most affordable acoustic guitars in the market today.

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