{Review} Epiphone AJ‌ – 100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

Are you a fan of Jumbo guitars? Have you been forced to shy off from owning one due to the high price tags of jumbos in the market today? This should not be the case anymore.

Epiphone has finally come up with a solution with its AJ-100CE acoustic guitar. In this article, we are going to look at features that make this guitar worth your attention.

Qualities of Epiphone AJ-100CE

AJ-100CE is an acoustic-electric guitar that is an advanced Jumbo and great pride of the Epiphone brand.

Being an advanced Jumbo means this guitar has a bigger body than that of a dreadnought.

This means the volume and bass representation of this guitar is a bit higher compared to what a similarly built dreadnought can produce.

Epiphone AJ-100CE has other great features, and some of them are listed below:


Body and Neck

Both beginners and experts have had an opportunity of trying out their experience on an advanced Jumbo like AJ-100CE.

Advanced Jumbo guitars have been in the market for many years, but Epiphone has a unique nature that is not available in the rest.

This guitar sports mahogany back and sides with a select spruce top.

The guitar is designed tough to ensure that it lasts for many years both on stage and off.

Reaching the upper notes has been made easy by the smooth cutaway design.

At the same time, the cutaway makes it look amazing and cool to carry around.

The guitar features a rosewood fingerboard and set-in mahogany neck and its loaded with 20 frets.

We can also not forget the Pearloid dot inlays making it stand out among the rest.

The traditional Epiphone headstock design is highly conspicuous, giving AJ-100CE visual appeal in combination with the naturally finished body.


Playability and Sound Projection

With AJ-100CE, you do not have to wait for some time to enjoy its playability.

Its playability is rich right off the rack with an unnoticeable amount of string rattle or buzz which is sometimes present in guitars under this price range.

The slim-taper neck profile offered by AJ-100CE is a big plus as it results in smooth and comfortable chord-playing and Flatpicking.

This guitar also sports warm and full tone with clear highs and a slightly soft bass that is not too boomy.

Considering the large advanced body shape of this guitar, this is an added advantage.

When played unplugged, the AJ-100CE acoustic-electric guitar shines enough on its own. However, the electric capability offered by Nanoflex makes it an ideal choice for beginners.



AJ-100CE features decidedly minimal hardware which should not be looked at in a negative way.

The NanoFlex pickup is one of the most impressive features on this guitar.

Although NanoFlex is an under-saddle pickup that you will find in many other acoustic/electric guitars, it’s unique.

This is because; it features several layers of sensor material unlike the separate piezo crystals for every string.

The sensor material conforms to any irregularities resulting in complete contact with the bridge.

It is also able to pick up vibrations from the guitar's body which produces a more balanced tone.

Epiphone J-100CE comes with chrome-plated tuning machines and operates with an accurate and smooth action.

This keeps your guitar in tune even when playing high notes.


Epiphone AJ-100CE is a guitar that you will be proud of even as a beginner. The impressive tone and smooth of playing give you the confidence of trying even more challenging notes. Looking at the cost of this guitar, you will agree that it deserves its current reputation and even more. Learn more about Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $200

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