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Top 10 Best Classical Guitar In 2021 :- {Review + Guide}

If you are daydreaming about getting a nylon string classical guitar, then you are in the right place.

Here we have profiled ten best classical guitars with the most exceptional features that your money can buy. In this era, classical music lovers demand versatility more than ever.
Thus, as a guitarist, you need a versatile guitar that meets all musical demands for outstanding performance.

Our chosen guitars are designed for all levels of guitarists. Also, these nylon string guitars are available in the form of classical, flamenco, and hybrid design.
Nylon-string classical guitars even impress the professional steel-string guitarists too. Some of our chosen guitars may appear a little pricey. Yet, if you don't have a tight budget issue, then you'll be getting the most promising sound quality and top-notch features from these high-end guitars.
Let's not abuse your patience. Scroll down to discover more about our classical guitar collections.

List of Top 10 Best Classical Guitars in 2021





Where to Buy?


Cordoba C12 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Humidified Hardshell Case

Cordoba C12 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Humidified Hardshell Case


Yamaha SLG200N NW Nylon String Classical Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Natural

Yamaha SLG200N NW Nylon String Classical Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Natural


Cordoba C10 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Polyfoam Case

Cordoba C10 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Polyfoam Case


Cordoba 45 Limited Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Espana Series (made in Spain) with Humidified Hardshell Case

Cordoba 45 Limited Classical Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Espana Series (made in Spain) with Humidified Hardshell Case


Cordoba C9 CD/MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

Cordoba C9 CD/MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar


Ovation Timeless Collection 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right, Natural, Mid Depth Body (1773AX-4)

Ovation Timeless Collection 6 String Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Right, Natural, Mid Depth Body (1773AX-4)


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Yamaha GC12 Handcrafted Classical Guitar Cedar

Yamaha GC12 Handcrafted Classical Guitar Cedar


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Cordoba F7 Paco Flamenco Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series

Cordoba F7 Paco Flamenco Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series

#1 Cordoba C12 SP Acoustic Nylon String Modern Classical Guitar Review

Cordoba C12 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Humidified Hardshell Case
51 Reviews
Cordoba C12 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Humidified Hardshell Case
  • Solid European spruce top with solid Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Lattice braced top and raised ebony fingerboard for easy playability when accessing upper...
  • Stunning flamed maple wedge

Undoubtedly Cordoba C12 SP looks gorgeous and elegant starting from the detailed rosette inlay and gold maple tuners along with ebony wooden buttons.

Also, you will find it impressive to see the Indian rosewood body and European spruce top coated in glossy finishing.

Furthermore, the traditional design highlights excellent playability as the good looks aren't everything for this guitar.
With its lattice-braced top intensifies, the guitar ensures sensitivity and projection. C12's raised fingerboard design allows you to enjoy easy access to the upper frets and facilitates playability.  
This crafted classical guitar comes with a premium tonewood structure. Materials used across the structure include solid Indian rosewood back and wooden maple sides for robust tonal quality.

Besides, the European spruce top produces a balanced, warm, and bright sound.

Other wooden appointments include a solid mahogany binding neck, rosewood bridge, and ebony fingerboard completing the design.

Pros & Cons
  • Premium wooden structure for big tone.
  • Elegant look and excellent playability.
  • It offers a humidified hard case for safe storage.
  • Traditional design integrated with modern elements.
  • Sensitive by exposure to dry weather.

#2 Yamaha SLG200NW Nylon String Classical Silent Guitar Review

Yamaha SLG200N NW Nylon String Classical Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Natural
481 Reviews
Yamaha SLG200N NW Nylon String Classical Silent Guitar with Hard Gig Bag, Natural
  • Nylon strings with wider string spacing for classical players
  • The SLG is the perfect instrument for practice, travel or stage use – any time an...
  • Near-silent performance makes discrete practice simple

Yamaha just unveiled its most stunning and innovative silent guitar Yamaha SLG200NW. If you are a classical guitarist, then definitely this elegant unique design guitar is for you. 
Besides, the nut dimension is mostly responsible for delivering you a classic guitar feel. Thanks to its detachable top section and compact design, you can store it ideally into a gig bag.

Also, it fits easily in an overhead compartment while you're traveling.  
Yamaha's SRT powered Built-in system reproduces a high-end sound quality.

It is further improved by the chromatic tuner, aux-in socket, headphone output, and onboard effects system.

The wooden design highlights rosewood frame, ebony fingerboard, and mahogany body and neck.
Frankly, Yamaha SLG200NW is a very functional and travel-friendly guitar.

SRT powered system is mostly responsible for producing the duplicate sound of traditional traits and subtleties of a high-end acoustic guitar.    
The curvature mahogany body, maple, and rosewood frame give Yamaha SLG200NW a very eye appealing look and extensive stage presence.

Pros & Cons
  • Flat fingerboard and wide nut dimension provide a classical guitar feel.
  • SRT powered system produces acoustic guitar like warm and rich sound.
  • Wooden formulation and curved frame make it look stunning. 
  • The sound isn't perfect; strings make noise.

#3 Cordoba C10 Acoustic Nylon String Guitar Review

Cordoba C10 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Polyfoam Case
102 Reviews
Cordoba C10 SP Classical, All-Solid Woods, Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Luthier Series, with Polyfoam Case
  • Solid European spruce top
  • Solid Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Hand inlaid Mother-of-Pearl "Esteso" Rosette

If you are looking for the real beat and flavor of nylon string, look no further! Our chosen versatile guitar, Cordoba C10 Crossover, comes with all the fine details that your money can buy.

The rosewood formulation produces a very warm and clear sound.
You will have the right feeling of playing a traditional acoustic guitar with the added benefit of the thin neck and straight fingerboard.

On top of that, the handcrafted mahogany neck equipped with nut width and ebony fretboard facilitates easy access to every note.
The C10 Crossover allows you to experience pure classical guitar sound without having a standard neck width.

Besides, its other wooden formulations include rosewood, both at the back and sides plus a spruce top.
Its solid spruce top delivers a big projection, and the rosewood formulation produces a sweet and warm sound.

Cordoba C10 is outstanding at both the sound and look. The glossy finishing is bound to call anyone's attention.

Moreover, its internal Spanish fan bracing construction and top quality materials confirm that you will love to play this guitar.

Pros & cons
  • Internal Spanish fan bracing construction
  • Right balanced tone and excellent projection
  • Premium tone-wood and classic design.
  • Fusion neck for comfortable playability.
  • The included Poly-foam case doesn't fit well.

#4 Cordoba 45 Limited Edition Acoustic Classical Guitar Review

Cordoba's 45 is a part of Cordoba's Espana series of guitars, which follows the traditional fashion of Spain.

This acoustic guitar of Espana series takes inspiration from the old-world craftsmanship and design.

Besides, this limited edition nylon-string acoustic guitar is mostly handcrafted and constructed with exotic tonewoods.
The top is composed of a solid piece of European spruce, and the back and sides are made of black and white ebony wood. The spruce and ebony wood structure are mostly responsible for its gorgeous looks.
Plus, this wood formulation delivers you a very rich and detailed sound. On top of that, the neck and fretboard handcrafted from mahogany and ebony.

Other components installed across the guitar include gold-plated tuning machines and real bone string nut and saddle.
Frankly, with Cordoba 45 Acoustic, you will experience a loud and clear sound. Also, this guitar features a stunning appearance that calls anyone's attention.

Pros & Cons
  • Spruce top produces a powerful and clear sound.
  • Black and white ebony ensure a striking look.
  • Spruce wood formulation produces full note articulation.
  • The laminated body affects the sound a little.

#5 Cordoba C9 - Canadian Cedar Top - Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Review

Cordoba C9 CD/MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar
91 Reviews
Cordoba C9 CD/MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar
  • Solid Canadian cedar top
  • Solid mahogany back and sides
  • Hand inlaid Mother-of-Pearl "Esteso" Rosette

Our chosen Cordoba C9 comes with an apex level of sound quality and excessive craftsmanship.

Without any doubt, Cordoba C9 is an excellent nylon-string acoustic guitar that worth your money.

Its consumption highlights the traditional handcrafted classical design, which is a lovely thing indeed.
Cordoba C9 seems inexpensive, but the quality of raw materials isn't sacrificed. The top part of the guitar is handcrafted from Canadian cedar, which is a preferable choice for classical guitar. 
Its solid cedar top is responsible for producing the right balance of warm and bright sound. And, the internal Spanish-style fan bracing makes the guitar's top to vibrate more while maintaining a balanced tone.
Besides, the back and sides of Cordoba C9 are composed of solid mahogany, which provides a powerful tonal foundation for the top.

Likewise, the solid mahogany wooden neck carries maximum string energy to the top.

A rosewood fingerboard and bridge intensify the tonal characteristics.

Pros & Cons
  • Esteso rosette inlay, gold tuners, and ebony buttons bring a great look.
  • The glossy finishing displays the wood formulation elegantly.
  • The design intensifies the playability.
  • Polyfoam case included for safe storage.
  • The backside is thin and may damage by exposure to humidity.  

#6 Ovation 1773AX Timeless Legend Nylon Acoustic-Electric Guitar – Natural Review

Are you looking for a classic guitar that offers a great projection and delivers a rich amplified tone? Then Ovation 1773AX can be an ideal choice for you.

Featuring a mid-depth bowl design facilitates a large projection and produces a rich amplified tone.  
Although you love playing steel-string guitar, with Ovation 1773AX, you will have an opportunity to explore the nylon-string world differently.

Most noticeably, this guitar offers a cutaway design that gives you easy access to the fretboard. As a result, it's a perfect acoustic guitar for jazz, flamenco, Latin, or classical guitarists.
Experts comment that the Lyrachord body and round back design make it an exceptional acoustic-electric guitar.

Furthermore, this acoustic-electric guitar has a built-in OP-Pro preamp, which allows you to experience an outstanding plugged-in performance.
Interestingly, the OP-Pro Preamp is a result of a collaboration with two famous guitarists: Al Di Meola (jazz guitarist) and Melissa Etheridge (acoustic rock guitarist).  

Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable to play for steel-string guitarists.
  • Great access to the fretboard.
  • Best sound stage nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar.
  • Nothing mentionable.

#7 Cordoba Fusion 14 Maple Acoustic-electric Nylon-string Crossover Guitar Review

No products found.

Surely you're going to love Cordoba Fusion 14 Maple if you are considering a seamless transition from a steel-string concert guitar to a nylon-string classical one.

With this guitar, you will have a great feeling while you are playing fast and running your fingers up and down across the fingerboard.
Most noticeably, the back and sides are handcrafted from layered flamed maple, which adds a very stunning look.

A classic fan bracing construction resides under the solid European spruce top. The bracing gives you an exciting playing experience along with an acoustic output.
On top of that, Cordoba Fusion 14 comes with a Fishman Presys Onboard Preamp that allows you to take the guitar for stage performance.

With the added benefit of a thinner mahogany neck, the guitar appears to be more comfortable in the hands of a steel-string acoustic guitarist.   

Pros & Cons
  • Layered flamed maple adds a beautiful outlook.
  • Tonewoods formulation produces a clear high-end detail sound.
  • Rich playing experience
  • The Preamp system produces natural sound and a plugged-in tone.
  • The frets are too sharp that may injure your fingers in prolonged usage.

No products found.

#8 Yamaha GC12C Nylon-string Classical Guitar Review

Yamaha GC12 Handcrafted Classical Guitar Cedar
17 Reviews
Yamaha GC12 Handcrafted Classical Guitar Cedar
  • 6-string Nylon-string Classical Guitar with Cedar Top
  • Ebony Fretboard - Natural
  • Mahogany Back Sides

Yamaha GC12C is a smart choice for a guitarist looking for a great classical guitar without investing a lot of money in an expensive instrument.

Plus, Yamaha GC12C comes with all the finer details that you can reasonably expect from a versatile guitar.

Frankly, you can expect an articulate and bright tone as well as an excellent touch-response from its nylon-strings.
The premium tonewoods appointments include solid mahogany formulation at the back and sides.

Also, a solid cedar top and ebony fretboard complete the tonewood selection. Yamaha GC12C has acquired better premium tonewood, which produces a detailed mid, rich lows, and vivid sound.
According to experts, this nylon-string classical guitar, Yamaha GC12C, will enhance sound quality over the years.

On top of that, the ebony fretboard looks great and feels very premium in hands. And the matte neck finish gives a very smooth feeling.

Pros & Cons
  • Excellent touch response.
  • Tonal richness will be better as the years go by
  • The neck finishing feels very smooth.
  • Ebony fretboard feels terrific.
  • Outstanding performance in the long run.
  • Lacks preamp at this price range.

#9 Cordoba GK Studio Limited – Natural - Acoustic-electric Guitar Review

No products found.

Generally speaking, the GK Studio Limited is a mouthful – but promises the players awe-inspiring sound and excellent playability.

GK Studio Limited is one of the most successful guitars of Cordoba's GK series.

This stage-ready flamenco guitar is a combo of a great look, fantastic tone, and great sound regardless of the different music genres you love to play.
The greenish and grayish color of this ziricote guitar's back and sides can grab anyone's attention.

The grain wood features spiderweb design, which produces a striking 3D effect that appears to fall off of the wooden surface.

And the rosewood like tonality is likely to conquer your heart.
This handcrafted classical guitar features a solid European spruce top along with Spanish-style fan bracing.

It makes the guitar's top vibrate more while keeping a balanced tone.
The design highlights glossy finishing that intensifies its gorgeousness.

The remaining detailing includes handcrafted inlaid rosette, maple binding gold/black tuners, and rosewood buttons.  

Pros & Cons
  • Stage-ready flamenco guitar at an affordable price.
  • The wooden formulation delivers a rich and full tone
  • Low action and quick response facilitate superior playability.
  • Fishman preamp produces a full tone onstage.
  • Lacks the rich bass tone.

No products found.

#10 Cordoba F7 Paco Flamenco – Natural Review

Cordoba F7 Paco Flamenco Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series
13 Reviews
Cordoba F7 Paco Flamenco Acoustic Nylon String Guitar, Iberia Series
  • Offers a unique departure from traditional flamenco guitar tonewoods
  • In honor of Paco De Lucia’s untimely passing in 2014, the F7 Paco's design was inspired...
  • Solid Canadian cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides

This Spanish Flamenco guitar receives a meticulous attention level because of its excellent sound quality and eye-catching design.

Cordoba F7 is handcrafted from superb tonewoods. Thus, its wooden structure and excessive craftsmanship produce an impressive, sharp, and bright sound.
The Cordoba F7 Paco comes at an affordable price without compromising the overall quality of materials.

The good thing is the back and sides of this guitar are entirely composed of Indian rosewood, which gives a robust tonal foundation for the top.
For a balanced, warm, and bright sound - the top is crafted from solid Canadian cedar.

However, that is not the end, its mahogany neck and a rosewood fingerboard and bridge complete this flamenco guitar construction.
The flat neck angle is responsible for a low string action, and the Spanish-style fan bracing produces a balanced and lively sound.

A few of their design highlights worth mentioning; they are-gloss polyurethane finishing, stylish rosette, and maple binding.

Pros & Cons
  • Great playability with stunning design.
  • Cedar top for brilliant definition along with excellent projection.
  • Premium tonewoods for rich and full tone.
  • The wooden body is so thin that it may require extra care to avoid scratches.  

Buying Guide: Know All About The Best Classical Guitars

We are sharing this expert-advised buying guide so that you can invest in the best classical guitars.

Choosing the right classical guitar is very exciting and challenging. You will find a hundred types of guitars are piled up on the market.
Do you know the type of classical guitar you want to buy is mainly depends on your purpose? Your purpose defines whether you want the guitar for home recording, stage performance, or gathering fine guitar collection to accumulate good value over time.

Also, playing different music genres requires different types of guitars.
Thus, your purpose plays a significant role in letting you find what you are looking for.

1. Tonewood

Wood formulation accounts for 90% of guitar construction. Tonewood quality mostly affects the tonality of a guitar.

Thus, you need to make sure your chosen guitar comes with a premium tonewood selection.  
According to some guitar craftsmen, choosing wood for the guitar's top is an essential deciding factor.

Since the tonewood for guitar's top determines how the guitar will ultimately sound.
Moreover, you should pay attention to the tonewood quality fused at the guitar's back, sides, and neck.

After the top, these parts also affect the overall tonal quality. Other wooded components like binding, fan bracing, bridges, and fretboard can also enhance the tonal effect.  
Here we profile some common guitar tonewoods along with their usage and tonal characteristics:

  • Cedar: The soft cedar-wood is best at producing a bright tone. It offers a quick response, which is a big advantage of light playing techniques. Cedar is commonly used for the top part of classical and flamenco guitars.  
  • Ebony: Ebony is solid wood and feels slick in hands. Consequently, ebony is mostly employed for fretboard material. 
  • Spruce: This wood is considered as a standard material for the top. Spruce wood weighs very light, but it is sturdy. Furthermore, it's better at producing good resonance without sacrificing clarity.
  • Maple: Maple is very popular for guitar construction. Guitar's neck, fretboard, back, and sides are often composed of maple wood. Mostly it features grain patterns, bright tone, and medium weight.  

  • Rosewood: Due to insufficient supply, Brazilian Rosewood is now replaced by Indian Rosewood. A rosewood guitar costs high due to its rich and complex overtone. Thanks to its highly articulate sound plus big projection, it becomes a perfect tonewood for guitars. Yet, rosewood has a high demand for forming fingerboards and bridges.  

2. Guitar Top

As mentioned earlier, guitar tops are often handcrafted from spruce and cedar-wood. The top part plays a vital role in determining sound quality.

Acoustic guitar tops are either crafted from solid wood or laminate wood. But solid wooden top costs more compared to the laminated top.
Usually, a solid top is made of single-ply pieces of wood. But a laminated top is crafted from several layers of wood. Yet, the laminated top lacks rich sound or high volume. Also, it cannot vibrate as a solid wooden top.

3. Neck Width

Choose the guitar's neck according to the shape of your hands. For smaller hands, an acoustic guitar with a small diameter neck is ideal.

Acoustic classical guitars feature 12 or 14-fret necks. People with smaller hands may find the 14-fret neck tough to access.  
Besides, the thickness and width of your guitar neck are constructed as per the size of your guitar.

The dimension of a guitar neck doesn't affect the tonality. Still, your comfort and playability mostly depend on neck design. 

4. Electric Components

Nowadays, classical guitars come with preamplifiers. A preamplifier intensifies the guitar's tonality.

Besides, a preamplifier boosts the signal strength to make the guitar's tone loud. They are usually installed at the side or inside the sound-hole of a guitar.  
A nylon string guitar cannot produce a loud tone by itself. Thus, with a preamplifier - you can take your classical guitar and perform in a large venue.

However, a classical guitar with a preamplifier can cost a little high. 

5. Cutaways

Some classical guitars come with cutaway designs. A cutaway allows you to access to the higher frets on your guitar neck. If you are an electric lover or you often need to play at the higher frets, you may prefer a classical guitar with a cutaway.  

6. Finishing

The degree of wood vibration also depends on finishing. Thus, choose something that comes with premium-grade finishing.


The classical guitars we mentioned earlier are better at looks, sound quality, and playability. These ten best classical guitars come with the most delicate features that set them apart from the other guitars available.
To be honest, their level of innovation and craftsmanship ensure the best quality that you could reasonably expect at their prices.

There is a straightforward explanation of why our chosen guitars stand out from the crowd. When it comes to appearance, the flamed wooden formulation is bound to call your attention.
Also, the premium tonewoods selection produces an imposing sound that conquers everyone around.

The moment you start to use one of these nylon string classical guitars, you'll truly feel like you're getting the expected payoff.

You may notice that these guitars are still pretty cheap in exchange for the sound quality they are offering. 

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