{Review} Breedlove Solo Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

Before trying out a new thing, it is very important to have a clear picture of what is ahead of you.

Stock taking is a necessity if you must achieve your goals in life.

The same applies for any guitar player who wants to have tangible results.

This is the reason why you must be careful when choosing a guitar.

There are many guitars in the market, Breedlove Solo Concert being among the best.

Why Choose Breedlove Concert Acoustic Electric Guitar

When you are new in an industry, you seem to look for well-established and legendary products to deal with.

Many companies have taken advantage of their popularity to release low-quality products in the market.

Therefore, it is good to try out products from less-popular companies.

One of the brands that you can rely on is Breedlove Solo Concert.

The guitar is designed to give you a personalized playing experience.

If you are a fan of solo concert acoustic electric guitars, you will never be disappointed by choosing Breedlove Solo Concert guitar.

It has great features that will give you the pride of having it around.

Some of these features include:



When choosing a guitar to invest in, there are a few things that you need to put in mind.

One of them is the materials used in constructing the guitar.

In other products in the market, the material used in constructing them is highly regarded for its durability.

However, things are a bit different when it comes to many musical instruments including guitars.

The results you get in using a certain guitar is highly determined by the materials used in constructing the guitar.

In recent years, guitar producers are turning to mahogany and spruce wood as they form a great combination.

These are mostly used for producing clear and reliable sound ant tonality.

This however doesn’t mean that is the only material that can be used for the same.

In the case of the Breedlove Solo Concert, they chose to go a different way.

The guitar features a Solid Red Cedar top while the back and sides are crafted of Ovangkol.

It sports a Concert body type with a C-Shaped neck, an X Brace bracing pattern not forgetting the cutaway.

The cutaway makes it unique and allows room for the player to easily access even the highest frets.

For the lovers of elegantly-looking guitars, you have nothing to worry about.

Breedlove Concert features a well-done gloss finish for the body while the neck sports Satin finish.

It is high time you embraced what you have been dreaming of for all your life.



There are many features we can discuss when it comes to the electronics of Breedlove Solo Concert guitar.

If you are wondering whether it has a preamp pickup, the answer to this is a positive “Yes”.

It features a LR Baggs EAS VTC preamp.

The headstock overlay is Ebony Stained Basswood while the tuning machines are chrome closed gear.

We can as well never ignore the bone saddle and nut. Other additional features include; Truss Wrench, saddle and sticker.

Although this guitar finds its roots in China, it is now celebrated worldwide and many expert guitarists are falling in love with it by day.


Whether you are a beginner guitarist or an expert, nothing feels better than having your own guitar.

We can barely sleep for the first days this baby gets home.

All we want is to play the guitar day in and day out.

However, if we made a wrong choice when choosing the guitar, all this fun might be short lived.

For this reason, I recommend you to invest in a Breedlove Solo Concert guitar and you’ll never regret it! 

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