Blueridge Guitars 6 String Acoustic Guitar (Review)

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the guitar that best suits us. But, there are some products that we would all agree are a perfect choice for all.

You will love products by Blue Ridge division if you are a guitarist looking for a high-quality and affordable instrument.

Qualities of Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge BR-160 has been referred to as “The Old-man’s Martin'' over the years. Your first glimpse of the guitar might not be enough to tell you what it has in store for you.

However, once you struck it once, you will be happy you gave it a thought.

The guitar has excellent qualities that make it feel more like you are playing the Martins D guitar that comes at a cheaper cost. Below are some of the qualities associated with this guitar.


The Body Design

 Bearing in mind that this guitar has been in the industry since World War II, you can be sure they understand the market too well. This is the reason why they keep on releasing better products in the market. Their release of the BR-16o0 was a way of celebrating the history of the company. They chose a vintage dreadnought design which features one of the finest tonewood combinations you’ll ever find.
The guitar sports a solid Sitka spruce top while the back and sides are made of sweet looking Indian rosewood. The nice white binding around the top, as well as the pickguard, is an accurate reflection of the theme chosen by the company.
When it comes to the build quality and craftsmanship, you can be sure it punches above its price range by far. The neck sports an East Indian rosewood fretboard, and it is made of mahogany with custom inlays.


High-quality Components

When we look at the hardware of this instrument, we are proud of the high-quality components incorporated.

The company installed a custom rosewood bridge that is fitted with a bone reimbursed saddle.

This was solely to help the BR-160 stay authentic to the guitars of 30s and 60s era.

The tuners are in the form of vintage with an open back nickel-plated set while the nut is made of genuine bone.

The attention to detail is up to standard and as clear as day, regardless of the part of hardware you chose to concentrate on.

Generally, the looks of any musical instrument are second to performance and with BR-160 that is perfectly taken care of.

It can retain the tuning as well as the intonation and generally inspires confidence.


Sound and Playability

Apart from the looks and the design of a guitar, one of the most important aspects is the sound projection.

When we refer to BR-160 as a vintage style guitar, we don’t only reflect on its aesthetics.

The combination of Indian rosewood body and solid Sitka spruce top gives off a very warm, sweet and mellow sound that gives out that vintage warmth.

BR-160 is just a good guitar to listen to. The soft nature comes out naturally the moment you start fingerpicking it.

The dreadnought body design ensures the volume and sound projection is enough while the notes sound wholesome yet clear.


They say “old is gold” and listening to BlueRidge BR-160, you will agree with the saying 100%. Its whole vintage theme has made many people fall in love with it. Although some don’t love the old-age theme, the value for money and affordability of this guitar is irrefutable. If you are looking for a gig guitar with a softer tone, you would never go wrong with BR-160.

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