{Review} Blueridge BR-140CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

Guitar playing is an art just like any other.

It takes strong will, confidence and persistence to become the player you dream to be.

At the same time, you will also need to choose the right tool for the job.

With all the skills in the world, without a good guitar, you will not be able to give your audience the best.

In this article, we are going to talk about Blueridge BR-140CE.

Blueridge BR-140CE is among the best acoustic electric guitars we have in the market today under its price range. 

For the lovers of vintage guitars, you will fall in love with Blueridge Historic Series guitars.

Blueridge guitars are classically designed and crafted to Pre-War specs.

The workmanship and fine materials used on these guitars make each of them a masterpiece.

Blueridge guitars shout hand-made quality. It sports great features that many experts consider as unique and perfect.

Many of the features associated with BR-140CE are rarely available in many of the modern electro-acoustic guitars.

Below are some of the features that have highly contributed to the popularity of BR-140CE.



BR-140CE is a dreadnought acoustic electric guitar that has been crafted with the user’s welfare in mind.

The guitar features a single cutaway with a choice solid Sitka spruce top.

The combination of the solid Sitka spruce top and an amber tint solid mahogany for the back and sides results in a perfect match.

In addition to this, it features an East Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

If you are looking for beauty in your choice guitar, then you should think more about Blueridge BR-140CE.

The well elaborated pearl inlaid pegheads and the exclusive Dalmatian tortoise pickguards gives it a shiny and elegant look.

At the same time, we can never overlook the Fishman Presys Blend pickup system.

This is what gives you the 3-band EQ, tuner, notch and phase filters and a mic blend control.

The BR-140CE acoustic electric guitar is a great instrument that has brought out the pride in many guitarists.

It is a favorite to many famous guitar players around the world for its quality, durability and sound projection.


Sound Projection

When it comes to the sound projection of this guitar, there is a lot to talk about.

Blueridge might not be among most famous guitar brands in the market today.

However, it has managed to make a name and is slowly being embraced by famed guitarists.

Apart from its elegant finish, the guitar is also famed for its balanced and clear sound projection.

The Forward X bracing pattern gives the guitar an easy playability.

At the same time, the combination of the Solid Sitka spruce top and the solid mahogany back and sides results in nothing less than you’d expect.

Different guitar companies have embraced the use of Mahogany and Sitka wood for crafting their electro-acoustic guitars.



Just as we mentioned above, this is an electro-acoustic guitar and hence, we cannot ignore the topic of its electronics.

BR-140CE features a preamp pickup, undersaddle piezo, EQ-3 band preamp system.

To ensure that the player is able to control and maintain the tune of the guitar, it has a notch and a phase as well as a tuner.


Choosing a guitar is as well as choosing a car or any other important possession that you hold too dear.

Therefore, it is very important to take your time before settling on a certain product unless you are very sure of it.

To avoid disappointment, I would recommend that you give Blueridge BR-140CE acoustic electric guitar and live to tell the story! Learn more about Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 1000$

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