{Review} Big Baby Taylor (BBT-e) Acoustic Electric Guitar

Being a good guitarist is not just about skills.

It is more about attitude backed by the choice of a good guitar.

Although there is nothing much to discuss about the attitude of a guitarist since that is yours to build.

There is a lot we can talk about choosing the right instrument.

This article is all about one of the best guitars we have in the market (Big Baby Taylor (BBT-e) acoustic electric guitar.

All About Big Baby Taylor (BBTT-e)

Big Baby Taylor which is also abbreviated as BBT-e is one guitar that we can never ignore.

Big Baby Taylor is one of the most popular and the best models among both beginner guitarists as well as intermediate and experts.

Between its warm and cheery tone, breezy playability and manageable size, this guitar is just amazing.

Its 15/16 body size makes this guitar easily portable and a perfect choice for travelling guitarists.

With Big Baby Taylor, you will not just be buying a guitar from one of the best brands in the world.

You will also get a great quality product that you can never regret about.

This guitar has great features that you will be proud of. Some of these features are:


Warm Tonewood Combination

You can never talk about the heart and soul of acoustic guitars without mentioning tonewoods.

Any guitar featuring tonewood is a sure deal of quality and great sound projection.

With Big Baby Taylor electro-acoustic guitar, you get nothing less.

The guitar features layered walnut back and sides resulting in a warm and mellow sound.

The solid Sitka spruce top perfectly matches the walnut back and sides of this guitar.

The combination produced excellent response and extra tone definition under hard picking.

Sheer warmth of walnut combined with the lively and sprightly Sitka spruce leads to a clear and cheerful tone.

Regardless of your choice of music, with BBT-e, you can be assured of a clear and ringing tone that will definitely brighten up your audience.


Body Shape

The size of a guitar body highly depends on the preference of the user.

However, once in a while, we might be tempted to go with a big-bodied guitar in search of reliable results.

Among all the small-bodied guitars produced by Taylor's Big Baby is the largest.

It is approximately 15/16 in size which is the normal size of a standard dreadnought.

Choosing Big Baby Taylor gives you the feel of a small-bodied guitar with tonal characteristics and volume of a full-sized dreadnought.

This makes it a perfect choice for players who are not fond of full-sized guitars.

At the same time, it is the best for beginners as it allows them to play for long hours without feeling its weight.

Apart from the magic of the noteworthy volume production, Big Baby Taylor is very common among travelling guitarists as it is easily portable.

The guitar sounds great while plugged in and it is an ideal option to take to gigs



The onboard ES-B electronics are the defining features of BBT-e.

Big Baby Taylor guitar uses behind-the-saddle pickup design just as the acclaimed ES-2.

However its uniqueness is brought about by the built-in digital chromatic tuner and the onboard preamp system.

The simple to use volume and tone knobs makes it ideal for players of any age.


The preamp and built-in digital chromatic tuner can serve you for up to 300 hours without changing the battery.

This means it is cost-effective and can be used even in the most remote areas around the globe without any problem.

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