Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under 200 in 2020 ( Buying Guide)

If you admire music and instruments, then music is not less than a gift. Music as one hears it cannot think without the instruments such as guitar, etc.

The guitar consists of six strings, which makes it melodious in sound. The guitar, also considered as the performance instrument as many singers use it on the stage when performing.

In the era of technology, many musicians use the acoustic electric guitar. The acoustic electric guitar, also known as the electro-acoustic.  

The acoustic electric guitar, fitted with the electronics. The electronic components installed in the acoustic electric guitar allow plugging into the soundboard.


Thus the components are:

  • Piezo pickup
  • Magnetic pickup
  • Built-in microphone

The Piezo pickup is one of the common types of the pickup found in the acoustic electric guitar.

If you had made your mind to purchase the acoustic electric guitar, then we have many varieties under $200. We will provide the best acoustic electric guitar under $200 and these guitars will worth centered.  

If you purchase the guitar from us, then you will find that it has excellent service and incredible sounds.

We will try the best that putting your cash towards the best acoustic electric guitar well worth it. Many acoustic electric guitars come under $200.

Hence, here are some of the best acoustic electric guitar under 200 that may satisfy your utility.

Table of 7 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar under $200 

#1 Ibanez Performance Series PF15 Acoustic Electric Guitar

The Ibanez Guitars are truly reasonable compared with its sound quality. Any category of players can enjoy this sort of guitar.

This sort of guitar has a Dreadnought body, which enables it to have full sound and cutaway for upper fingerboard access.

The PF15 cutaway accompanies an onboard pickup and preamp framework with 2-band EQ and tuner, ideal for connecting.

The guitar has prized from the amazing artistry as its upper part made of spruce. 

The sound of this guitar is okay. Arrangements incorporate a chrome pass on cast machine sets out toward accuracy tuning and highly contrasting sound opening rosette.

The material for the backs and sides used is mahogany. This combination always has a standout amongst the best as it has perfect reverberation. Hence, the guitar, good performance either solo or with the plug-in. This is the best Acoustic Electric Guitar under 200 in 2020

Features of Ibanez Performance Series PF15

  • Dreadnought body
  • The neck of the guitar is Mahogany.
  • Upper part made of spruce.
  • The guitar has two bands, EQ and tuner with the great plug-in.
  • The guitar is perfect for jamming and plugging in when performing solo.
  • It gives an excellent performance at an affordable price.

Pros & Cons

  • It comes under the affordable price.
  • It is best for beginners and considered as friendly to beginners.
  • It comprises of electronic that is of high quality.
  • The guitar has impressive artistry.
  • This guitar includes six strings.
  • Strings are required to change.

#2 Yamaha FX325A Acoustic Electric Guitar

Yamaha FX325A Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Dreadnought Body Style
  • Spruce Top
  • Nato Back & Sides

Yamaha always has one of the great guitars offered under reasonable prices.

It provides high-quality-tone at such a low price. As execution and sound quality are as requested by experts.

The guitar highlights body style as dreadnought with Nato back and sides.

Typically, this guitar hardware has die-cast chrome, which enables it to produce a good tune.

The Yamaha FX325A acoustic electric guitar comes with framework 53 preamp / piezo with 2-band EQ.

Hence this type of guitar wanted by not only beginners but also many people. This sort of guitar gives one to develop and grow his or her skills properly.

This guitar has a clear, deep and rich sound that enables to give you a good quality of sound.

Features of Yamaha FX325A

  • The body style of this guitar is Dreadnought.
  • Top made with spruce and Nato from back and sides.
  • It has die-cast chrome tuners.
  • The guitar has 53 preamps/ piezo with 2-band EQ.

Pros & Cons

  • The guitar comes under affordable price.
  • The sound or the tune quality is good.
  • It is comfortable to play.
  • Body material type is Mahogany.
  • One can develop and grow his or her skills properly.
  • The strings used in this guitar are too high.
  • The tonewood is thin.

#3 Epiphone AJ‌ – 100CE Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar

This acoustic electric guitar has the body, produced using select mahogany.

The extension in guitar created using delightful rosewood. It is stuck at the exact point for stable sound. Epiphone AJ‌ has a strong mahogany neck.

The entire instrument is comfortable. Hence, this instrument will not make you tired, quickly, while playing standing or seating — this guitar, built with great skill and with the help of experts.

Epiphone AJ‌ includes a select spruce top. Spruce is a complex and rich tonewood that starts to breathe. 

The improvement in the spruce, made through the practice hence playing it many times can improve it.

Spruce also improves with age. The Epiphone instrument is an amazing acoustic electric guitar. The guitar has an excellent cutaway for more pleasant upper fret get to that can stay up with you.

Features of Epiphone AJ‌

  • The bridge of the Epiphone instrument produced using delightful rosewood.
  • This instrument can easy play either standing or seating.
  • The instrument scales 25.5.
  • Epiphone AJ‌ includes a select spruce top.
  • The guitar has a great cutaway for more pleasant upper fret access.
  • This acoustic electric guitar has a mahogany body

Pros & Cons

  • The guitar has a great tune.
  • This guitar has a boomy sound.
  • Any person can buy this guitar as it comes at an affordable price.
  • It is more suitable for a jumbo guitar.
  • The entire instrument is comfortable.
  • The Epiphone instrument is a tremendous acoustic electric guitar.
  • This instrument wants re-string.

#4. Jameson Guitars Blue Full-Size Thin line Acoustic Electric Guitar

Jameson Guitars Full Size Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar with Free Gig Bag Case & Picks Blue Right Handed
  • Play it acoustically or plugged in!
  • Includes a free gig bag case & guitar picks
  • Diecast Tuners and Built In EQ

Jameson Guitars is of great value always. Amongst the various unusual parts of this guitar is that it comes under multiple colors.

The guitar sufficiently sized and came with six strings. This guitar is full-scale acoustic electric guitar, and due to its thin line, it is very comfortable and easy to play.

This guitar Played is that this full-scale acoustic electric guitar acoustically or you can also plug it.

The guitar includes a polished completion on a single-cutaway body for most extreme performance and comfort. 

In this guitar, the fingerboard features rosewood. The guitar also featured with the spruce top as well as with Nato body.

A polished blue burst completion finishes off this guitar. This quality does not generally come at an affordable price.

This guitar is very simple to hold, as it is light in weight. The thin line body of this guitar gives an easy opportunity for adults as well as to youngsters to play it easy.

Jameson acoustic electric Guitars awarded with nice tuning. This guitar also holds the tuning pretty well, and it does not go out of it.

The guitar sounds okay, is easy to play, and feels good to keep.

Features of Jameson acoustic electric Guitars

  • It sounds acoustical or can also plug it.
  • It includes die-cast tuners and built-in EQ.
  • The guitar has high gloss dark blue burst finishing.
  • This guitar is customer famous.
  • The overall length is 41 inches, of this guitar, and the scale length of this guitar is 25.5. The body thickness of this guitar is 2 inches, and the nut width is approx. 1.680.
  • It comes under many color variations.
  • This guitar is easy to holds and play.

Pros & Cons

  • This instrument is a decent electronic.
  • This instrument is a decent electronic.
  • It comes under affordable price.
  • The Jameson acoustic electric guitar is simple to hold, as it is light in weight.
  • It is full-scale acoustic electric guitar, and due to its thin line, it is very comfortable and easy to play.
  • It has a spruce top, so the neck material type is spruce.
  • The body material used for this guitar is Nato. Hence, the body material type is Nato.
  • The guitar requires changing its string.

#5 Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Guitar

Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar, Black
  • Flame top; Basswood back and sides
  • Catalpa Neck and Bridge; Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Steel String; Sealed Gear Tuners. Number of Strings: 6

This guitar is budget-friendly. Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK has back and sides with basswood, and has a flame top.

Generally, this guitar is available in black color. This guitar for a beginner is perfect and will give ideal performance quality.

The bundle incorporates Gig Bag, Digital Clip-On Tuner, Strings, 10-Watt Amplifier, Picks, strap and Truss Rod.

This guitar’s neck material is based on Catalpa.

The fingerboard of this instrument features with rosewood. The amp works and sounds impeccable; however, it is yet, considered as room amp.

The sound of this guitar is decent as best for this price. The guitar is easy and comfortable to play. This instrument rarely goes out of tune.

This guitar furnished with Sealed Gear Tuners EQ: Active 4 Band 7545.

Features of Glen Burton GA204BCO-BK

  • This guitar back and sides with basswood and has a flame top.
  • Glen Burton guitar’s neck material is based on Catalpa.
  • The guitar has rosewood fingerboard.
  • It consists of Sealed Gear Tuners EQ: Active 4 Band 7545.
  • The material type of guitar’s neck is maple.
  • The guitar consists of Sealed Gear Tuners and has Steel Strings.
  • The number of strings in this guitar is six.

Pros & Cons

  • The guitar is very much comfortable for the beginners.
  • The price is reasonable and thus, affordable.
  • This guitar is built with good material quality.
  • This guitar is also comfortable and easy to play.
  • The instrument does not go out of the tune.
  • The sound quality of this guitar is of good quality as at this price.
  • The nut material quality is not so good.

#6 Vangoa 41-inch Full-Size Black VG-41ECBK Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar

Guitar Acoustic Electric, Acoustic Guitar Cutaway 41 Inch Full Size Beginner Kit, Black
  • 【Brighter Richer Sound】 Full size dreadnought body with larger soundbox ensures...
  • 【Good Tonewood】AAA Basswood provides warmth sound, the solid wood bridge has good...
  • 【Playability&Durable】Truss rod better balanced the tension by strings or temperature...

Vangoa brand is not from one of the oldest brands and thus established in recent years.

Vangoa includes support bar inside the neck. This enables players to keep the neck straight by countering the draw of strings and regular propensities in the wood.

This guitar is preamp built-in for the volume that shall amplify and thus can control volume.

One of the benefits that this guitar gives the round lines and soft cut way. This enables or gives more players a friendly feeling.

One could easily play lead lines or chord by reaching the upper register notes.  The EQ that is already built-in guitar helps to alter and decently boast the sound profile. It also takes out the drawback of a cutaway in a performing situation.

This guitar has four bands EQ Mid, Pres, Bass, and Treble with the coordinated tuner. Hence, this makes tuning simpler and quicker.

The guitar usually comes with the warranty of one year. The guitar is of 41-inch full-size body, and it provides full and vibrant tone.

The guitar is suitable for all the players (any level of the player) and suitable for all music styles.

You can easily adjust the string height, as equipped with the truss rod. This provides that when you press the string then you can feel comfortable and can perform nicely.

Features of Vangoa Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar 

  • The guitar includes extra beginner accessories.
  • This guitar includes a cut way design.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • The neck material of this guitar is walnut.
  • The body material type is basswood.
  • This guitar consists of six strings.
  • This sort of guitar also includes support inside the neck.
  • One can easily adjust the height of the strings

Pros & Cons

  • It gives a full and vibrant tone.
  • Any person can afford this guitar as it comes at an affordable price.
  • This guitar is much comfortable as the height of the strings is adjustable and easy to play.
  • The volume of this guitar can easily be controlled.
  • This guitar is made of good material quality.
  • This guitar is suitable for all levels of payers and can, played in different music styles.
  • Sometimes this guitar is not well furnished.
  • The guitar requires some change on its tunings.

#7 Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thin line Acoustic Electric Guitar

Ashthorpe Full-Size Cutaway Thinline Acoustic-Electric Guitar Package - Premium Tonewoods - Blue
  • INCREDIBLE SOUND - Perfect for musicians-in-the-making or advanced players, this guitar...
  • FINE HARDWOOD CONSTRUCTION - Guitar is made from X-braced, A-grade Spruce wood, known for...
  • THINLINE CUTAWAY DESIGN - The body of this full-size (41") guitar is cut away at the neck...

This guitar is best in terms of price as it comes under affordable price.

The guitar is beneficial in many ways as it provides excellent sound quality etc.

This guitar is perfect for both is that advance player or for the musicians.

The guitar features a deep tone and incredible Sonics and standout projection.

This guitar is made with the best material quality.

It is X-braced and with spruce wood of A-grade and these materials are known for versatility and resiliency. The guitar is also made with basswood, which is known for its warmth.

In the case of playing loud or soft, flat-picking or strumming, the guitar stays responsive. Hence, it also holds its tonal honesty.

The body size of this guitar is full, 41 inches. The cut way design provides better access at its neck. Hence, it gives a comfortable playing off the top frets.

The guitar is also the thin line is that 3 inches thick. Due to this, it creates a stylish, unparallel sound. This guitar is lightweight and thus easy to travel and easy in playing.

This guitar has four bands EQ or pickup (mid-range, presence, bass and treble). The guitar also changed with an ultra –glossy and phosphor bronze strings. It has a tough finish and with chrome tuning pegs.

Features of Ashthorpe Acoustic Electric Guitar

  • The guitar is full-body size is that of 41 inches.
  • The cut way design provides good access at its neck.
  • This guitar has the best material quality.
  •  It is made with X-braced and with spruce wood of A-grade.
  • The guitar has four bands EQ.
  • This guitar is ultra –glossy and has phosphor bronze strings.
  • The guitar is also 3 inches thick that provide it to hold comfortably.
  • It has elegant hardwood construction
  • .The material used in the neck is Okoume.
  • The body material type of this guitar is composite.

Pro & Cons

  • This guitar has incredible sound. It has an impressive tone.
  • This sort of guitar is affordable, and hence anyone can buy it.
  • The guitar is perfect for both the advanced players and the musicians also.
  • This guitar has great tonal integrity.
  • The material quality of this guitar is excellent.
  • It also consists of several strings six.
  • The guitar can, playing in loud and soft sounds.
  • This guitar needs more improvement in strings.

Things to Consider

Every part of a guitar matter to produce tone quality. At this price, your choice is limited while choosing the tonewood. A complete solid-wooden guitar is more desirable than a laminated one; however, complete solid wood guitars are expensive; a good one may cost above $1000.

Solid top determines tone quality and volume; therefore, a guitar with multiple configurations that come with a solid wooden top and other parts in laminated form; still, it may cost above $300.

Entry-level acoustic electric guitars come with laminated wood which is cheaper. The manufacturers use cheap materials to produce affordable guitars which will end up having problems with nut, saddle or fretwire.

Also, unwanted sounds are commonly seen. The cheap guitar comes with poor fingerboard which eliminates the advantage of making the most out of the good neck and top wood.

At such a price, you won’t receive a quality-driven pick-up system, and if you buy a cheap amplifier, the bass will lack the power and will end-up with insufficient sound clarity.

It is advisable to spend a thousand dollars on quality-driven guitars, e.g. Gibson which comes with the pick-up combination, and everything which you can expect from a guitar.

Also at this price, under $200, you shouldn’t buy an amplifier and plectrum with the guitar, it would be a bad deal if you go for an all-in-one package.

Under $200 you will get a cheap guitar and a very cheap amplifier. We suggest you spend all $200 to purchase a decent guitar instead.


Finding the best acoustic electric guitar is a bit difficult in the market. Hope we provided you with all the necessary information which will help you find your best acoustic electric guitar under 200 dollars.

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