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I'M Gerald Garriso i was born in San Salvador, El Salvador on December 20, 1975, grew up with his parents and since childhood I was instructed in the Christian faith, began playing guitar at the age of 16, is an empirical musician who has been concerned for learning more about his instrument by various means including some music academies throughout my learning. I participated in several musical groups since my inception, currently belongs to the praise ministry (as a pianist) of the Conquistadores Christian Ministry church where I congregates and also forms part of the leadership working with evangelistic cells together with My wife Krissia with whom eternal love was promised In November 2007. I am an Architect by profession, graduated from the José Simeón Cañas Central American University in the 2005 promotion of the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering. Being his main work activity architecture, he currently Blogs at

{Review} Yamaha FSX830C Acoustic Electric Guitar

Looking at the background of a product is very important. We all need an instrument that we can rely on. However, this is not always easy but it is possible. Seasoned players know what it means to get a valuable guitar. The good thing is they are readily available in the market and they go at an […]

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{Review} Fender CP-100 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Have you ever wondered why guitarists seem to fall in love in a particular guitar brand? Why do you think some brands are more popular among famed guitarists than the others? This is the reason why, it is all in the quality of the instrument, the playability and the ease of use among others. One of the most […]

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{Review} Taylor BT2e Acoustic Electric Guitar

We have different reasons for choosing the career we choose. Although many adults choose a career depending on how productive it is, this doesn’t last for long. A career born and nurtured by passion seems to work better and last longer. The good thing about passion is that it grows from childhood age perfects with time. If your child […]

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{Review} Ibanez AW54CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

The value of our music projection highly depends on the musical instruments we use. A good instrument results in great playability and hence, it is a perfect assurance of great melody and harmonious music. In the past, getting such an instrument was not an easy affair but today, things have changed for the best. There are hundreds of […]

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{Review} Yamaha FGX830C Acoustic Electric Guitar

Some brands are so lucky that they don’t have to market their products so much for it to be accepted in the market. One of such brands is Yamaha. Yamaha have been in the guitar for so many decades now that their products have become the benchmark of other guitar companies. The quality of good guitars are […]

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{Review} Yamaha FS820 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Dealing with a legendary instrument comes with pride and confidence. People tend to trust an instrument that has been tried and proven than one that is brand new in the market. This is not because the new instruments are not of good quality but simply because not many people like risking. One of the best and the most […]

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{Review} Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Are you an electric guitarist who is looking for full tones produced by acoustic guitar and still maintain the playability and comfort of an acoustic guitar? You should run to your nearest guitar shop and get yourself the Ibanez Talman TCY10 double-cutaway. We all love a guitar that will provide you with exactly what you need in […]

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