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What Are Good Acoustic Guitar Brands?

There is never a good time to buy an acoustic guitar than now.  But this leaves one asking questions like what are good acoustic guitar brands one can find in stores today.  This is because there are many different guitars brands and products out in the market, and it can be challenging to identify an […]

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How To Mic An Acoustic Guitar (Guide)

There are many different tricks and tips given on how to mic an acoustic guitar.  This is because the sound of a guitar is best experienced at a distance where others are able to hear the different elements that make the sound in a natural blend of perfect harmony.You must have been told that miking is […]

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How To Choose Acoustic Guitar Strings

Changing a guitar string is necessary at some point in using the guitar, and this may be because of a broken or damaged string or if you have been using the former for a long time. But in considering how to choose acoustic guitar strings, you have to be extra careful with the new string selection […]

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How To Record Acoustic Guitar ( Check This 5 Tips)

This page is focused on solving the problem most people face with recording their performance with an acoustic guitar. If you are among those searching for how to record acoustic guitar, then you are just at the right place. We have the simplified means you can easily get familiar with so that you can always […]

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How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar? ( Guide)

One of the most popular questions on almost every search box is how to restring acoustic guitar. This is why I have chosen to address the topic by sharing a few tips on here. Even though guitars vary by brands and design, most of the time, the same trick of restringing applies to all, but […]

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What Is A Dreadnought Guitar?

IntroIf you are a newbie in the guitar field, one of the common questions you will ask is “what is a dreadnought guitar” because of its popularity in the guitar family.  And many times, when you come across the dreadnought term, it must have sparked your interest to know more. “Dreads” as dreadnought guitar is popularly […]

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{Review} Ovation CS24-4 Acoustic Electric Guitar

Confidence is an important virtue in the life of a guitarist. Being a successful guitar player means standing in a crown and giving them quality music that they will live to remember. Ovation understands quite well the needs of a guitarist. For this reason, they crafted an elegant and fashionable guitar and named it Ovation CS24-4 acoustic electric […]

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{Review} Washburn WD10 Acoustic Electric Guitar

The guitar industry is becoming flooded by day. There are different brands in the market dealing with both electric and acoustic guitars. Although this is an advantage in that the buyer is spoilt for choice, it might be a challenge in knowing the best. The good thing is that many of these guitars are affordable. The Washburn WD10 […]

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