5 Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 in 2021 (Buying Guide)

A high-end guitar comes with a guarantee of excellent sound and durability.

 However, it's too troublesome to bring your expensive guitar when you are traveling.

 Your guitar may get scratched or damaged in harsh weather. In such cases, a budget-A solid guitar can grant you relief.

 If you are a learner trying to decide which guitar suits your style,going for the high-end guitar won't be a good idea.

We have researched many affordable guitars and found top 5 best acoustic guitar under 100 Dollars.

Let us scroll through the details and discover their unique features.

Table of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100 dollars in  2021





Where to Buy?


Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural


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Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, Digital Tuner, 6 Celluloid Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap w/Pick Holder - Blue

Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, Digital Tuner, 6 Celluloid Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap w/Pick Holder - Blue


YMC 38' Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar with Gig Bag,Strap, 3 thickness 9 Picks,2 Pickguards,Pick Holder, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner-Coffee

YMC 38" Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar with Gig Bag,Strap, 3 thickness 9 Picks,2 Pickguards,Pick Holder, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner-Coffee

List of Best Acoustic Guitar Under 100

#1 Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Review

Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
757 Reviews
Rogue RA-090 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural
  • 6-string
  • Dreadnought design
  • Whitewood body

Are you interested in a guitar that offers a clear sound and steady tone? Though this guitar has a cheaper price tag, the quality is still better than others of the similar price range.

If you are seeking around a basic guitar for traveling, this fits your requirement.

 Rogue RA-090 is not a complicated guitar, that’s why it is perfect for youngsters who aren’t ready for the pro guitars.

The manufacturer reduced the price by using some poor materials to build the guitar. 

However, some natures of this guitar will impress you. This guitar comes in a dreadnought body, and it’s made of Whitewood.

 Although the White wood is not high- Quality wood for a guitar, it is very lightweight.

That eventually makes this guitar easier to carry around while traveling.

 Moreover, for newbies, it becomes an advantage because they won't have to hold a heavy thing during a long time jamming with buddies.

This guitar has a painted maple wood fretboard. As a result, it offers rich sounds and consistent tone. The sound projection is not as robust as the high-End guitars.

It delivers enough loud sound for a Small room. This is the best sound you can get from A guitar in this price range.

Overall, Rogue RA-090 has a decent construction that enhances the clarity of the notes and fits both strumming and fingerpicking.

 You can pick your favorite one among natural or black shade since they come at a price under $100.

This guitar has a nice glossy finish and a pickguard on the face. Combining these qualities this is undoubtedly a classy guitar, which has a polished appearance.

 This guitar has steel strings, plastic nut, and saddle. Not to mention, these are not of superior quality.However, for a budget guitar like this, these are tolerable stuff.

 If you want to increase its playability a little more, you can replace the strings. The hardware quality is acceptable, and also it can endure insignificant scratches.

 Rogue RA-090 is not something an advanced player should use.

Still, it is a perfect guitar for students who want to play guitar as a hobby.

 Besides, it has a lightweight design that makes it proper for travelers and street performers.


  • Clarity in sound projection
  • Well-balanced tone
  • Light Whitewood body
  • Painted maple wood fretboard
  • Glossy finish and pickguard
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Good features compared to the price


  • Requires continuous tuning
  • Not for mid or long range

#2 Artall 41 Inch Handmade Solid Wood Acoustic Cutaway Guitar Review

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Getting a handmade guitar without paying tons of Notes is pretty awesome.

Isn't it? Artall 41” solid the wood guitar comes with several essential accessories that are necessary to start your lessons.

 Besides, this guitar is perfect for teens who want to try a good guitar within a moderate price.

This guitar presents decent sound quality, and you will face no challenge during play this beautiful guitar.

For the value, this acoustic guitar is an excellent deal.The craftsmanship of this guitar is appealing. The body is handmade and crafted from basswood.

Moreover, it has brass fret, this excellent combination results in a woody melodic tone. It sounds Not only good but also the wooden texture will feel good in your hands.

This guitar is for righthand users. However, you can make some adjustments to make it suitable for lefthand users as well.

 The astounding cutaway makes this guitar easy to play. The novices will find this feature helpful because it will boost their playability and help them to shine.

 Artall 41 Inch acoustic guitar is a solid choice as a present for youngsters. It has a stunning matte black finish which looks striking.

 As you know, the beginners may find it confusing to buy essential items for their guitar learning session.

 Therefore, a beginner kit like this one is well-suited for them.

This guitar comes with a tuner, strings, gig bag, picks, and a strap. The size is not so huge and becomes no burden on the body.

This guitar is suitable for 14+ Age yet many children under this scale also find it
easy to use.

The newbies can carry this guitar easily and will fascinate everyone with delicate sounds.

Though this guitar does not come tuned, you can quickly tune it using the E-tuner and following their detailed instructions.

The neck, fretboard, and bridge are crafted from Maple. The back and sides are of Linden with black ABS while the top is also of Linden.

 For this price tag, we can say these materials are acceptable.

 The distance between the string height and the fretboard is suitable for beginners.

Overall, this handcrafted woody guitar is durable and offers extended hours of playing comfort.


  • Handcrafted brass wood body
  • Convenient size
  • A full starter kit
  • Easy to tune
  • Lightweight and durable frame


  • Tuning not last longer
  • Strings may get damaged easily

No products found.

#3 Best-Choice Products Beginners 38'' Acoustic Guitar Review

Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, Digital Tuner, 6 Celluloid Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap w/Pick Holder - Blue
27,643 Reviews
Best Choice Products 38in Beginner All Wood Acoustic Guitar Starter Kit w/Gig Bag, Digital Tuner, 6 Celluloid Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap w/Pick Holder - Blue
  • COMPLETE ALL-IN-ONE GUITAR KIT: No need to buy any additional accessories; this...
  • ULTIMATE BEGINNER & INTERMEDIATE GUITAR: This handcrafted acoustic guitar is designed with...
  • FIT FOR ALL AGES: Playing guitar is easy with 7 accessories, and a classic acoustic guitar...

This guitar blends in charming appearance with decent quality together. For a delightful sounding
guitar, this will cost much less.

 It is a beginner guitar that can be used right away after unpacking.

Not only a guitar you will receive various accessories such as a digital tuner, strap, case, strings and so on.

 The 38” guitar is proper for newcomers due to its convenient size and strings. 

The bronze strings will offer comfort to your fingers. Besides, the body has cutaways.

 As a result, this guitar becomes more user-friendly when it comes to holding and playing with ease.
The laminate body of this guitar reduces the price. You will get a woody sound from this guitar yet it won't be as good as the solid wood piece.

 However, the laminate body can withstand a lot more climate change effects. It is an ideal guitar to carry out in harsh weathers and do heavy practicing.

This guitar only comes for right-handed persons. If you are looking for a beginner guitar for your child, you can also consider this one.

It is a suitable guitar for a 10+ age due to its lightweight body, user-Sympathetic strings, and cutaway.

The strings offer low-An action which is why this guitar is recommended for new users.

 It is a good one even for those who don’t have any genuine knowledge about guitars and want to use this for casual playing.

 Since it is a cost-efficient guitar, most of the materials of this guitar of either low or average quality.

 However, the tuner and extra set of strings that come with it are impressive.

This brand also offers several shades, and you can choose yours among six different variations. All of them comes under $100 tag and have appealing looks.

 Sometimes traveling with an expensive, heavy guitar becomes a hassle.

 You can carry this guitar within its protective case. Besides, it has a concert-type Body shape along with a lightweight body, which makes it easy to handle.

To be brief, Best Choice Products Beginners 38'' is a convenient guitar for beginners offering clear sound and great playability.


  • Comfortable bronze strings
  • No need for an assembly
  • Comes with tons of accessories
  • Stunning look
  • Lightweight wooden body
  • A smaller travel-friendly body


  • Requires constant tuning

#4 YMC 38" Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Review

YMC 38' Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar with Gig Bag,Strap, 3 thickness 9 Picks,2 Pickguards,Pick Holder, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner-Coffee
4,989 Reviews
YMC 38" Coffee Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar with Gig Bag,Strap, 3 thickness 9 Picks,2 Pickguards,Pick Holder, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner-Coffee
  • Perfect for Beginners and Students.Complete 38 Inch Acoustic Guitar Set in Coffee,Great...
  • Right-hand design,Linden Binding and Full Wood Construction with Chrome Geared Tuning.
  • The steel string Guitar is perhaps the most versatile and common Guitar type and is...

This is an entry-level guitar that comes in a dreadnought body and grants powerful and clear

Students can easily seize this guitar with Their pocket money. It can also be a smart choice as A present for your kids or grandchildren.

 As a budget-friendly guitar, the sound quality; craftsmanship and features are decent.

 It comes with loads of accessories which is quite surprising for the price range. The appearance of this guitar is another excellent quality; we should mention.

You will find various shades. Some of them are eye-catchy and perfect for kids.

 It is a cost-Efficient guitar yet has complete wood construction.The Linden binding; basswood top plus back and sides; maple neck and fretboard and finally the glossy finish makes this guitar a handsome one.

YMC 38" Beginner Acoustic Guitar is suitable for all types of music and delivers fabulous sound

The size is dreadnought yet comfortable for beginners. Many of us want to learn or play guitar as a hobby.

 There is no reason to break the bank to Get one in hand. We recommend this guitar for beginners or students, which offers good sound at an excellent price.

The guitar is recommended for 12+ age and right- Handed users. It is a six-string guitar, and they are steel strings. The guitar also comes with additional strings.

Therefore; you can replace them right away if they get damaged. You can also replace the strings with some high-quality strings for better sound.

 Although, non-professionals may not notice such differences.

 A gig bag; 9 pieces of ABS picks; a pick holder; 2 Pickguards; an electronic tuner; and finally extra strings, a great deal to encounter for such a low price.

You will find numerous varieties in these items; making this guitar suitable for every taste.

 If you are planning to become earnest with this guitar,we suggest replacing the strings with nylon strings. However, it is not a great guitar for regular usage.

 This guitar does not stay in tune that’s why it is an okay, a tool for a picnic day or as a hobby.

 An affordable guitar for kids and beginners to rock with friends and casual jamming. Looks fantastic and offers tons of accessories that may catch your interest.


  • A complete starter package
  • Good for kids
  • Decent wooded construction
  • Varieties of shades available
  • Good sound compared to the price


  • Not stay in tune
  • Arrives with steel strings yet nylon strings would be better

#5 Hola! Music Acoustic Guitar SOLID Top Series HG-41STM Review

This Product is not Available Right now will update this post once its guitar is back to sale on amazon

No products found.

This dreadnought guitar is our top pick among all other guitars under $100.

 A high-quality build; pure acoustic sound and a sophisticated look, all these things usually cost several hundred dollars.

Hola Music Solid Top series has featured something special for you.

This guitar series has gained vast popularity among users, and it is recommended by many professionals as well.

This guitar offers more than you pay. Exceptional guitar for beginners who want a dreadnought
acoustic piece.

 It has a structure suitable for right-Handed users. By adding a few dollars, you can grab the ambidextrous version which fits for both right and left-handed players.

 This acoustic piece features a traditional tonewood combination.

 Solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides deliver full and rich sound.

At first, the tone may seem too bright but as time goes the sound mellows and becomes perfect.

It is pretty surprising that the additional items of this guitar are also rich in quality.

The fingerboard and bridge are made of rosewood. It also has TUSQ nut and compensated TUSQ saddle.

 The TUSQ nut ensures a rich tone and the compensated TUSQ saddle enhances the playability. Dreadnought size can sometimes be quite significant for beginners.

Despite, if you try and practice regularly, you can quickly grasp the technique.

Even though it’s a dreadnought guitar, it feels lightweight and easy to Hold.

Usually, the cheap guitars won't offer right quality strings but Hola! Music HG-41STM Acoustic  guitar is an exception to that.

This guitar comes with high-quality D'Addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze strings. It is a six-string guitar plus it offers easy tuning and holds the tune very well.

It is not an out of the box guitar, therefore, you have to assemble the guitar.

After that, you are ready to roll. The size and weight of this guitar are handy when traveling.

 You can carry this guitar whenever you go. Since it is not an expensive piece, you can also use it as a backup guitar.

To put it briefly, you are getting rich tone, clear impactful sound, perfect intonation and topnotch craftsmanship all in a single budget-friendly guitar.


  • Traditional tonewood combination
  • Nearly perfect intonation
  • Pre-strung high-quality bronze strings
  • Stay in tune
  • Comes with a strap
  • Lightweight and easy to play
  • Robust volume and bright tone


  • Not a ready to play out of the box guitar

Things to Consider

Do you want to purchase a basic acoustic guitar under $100? We have suggested and reviewed several affordable acoustic guitars that will cost you not more than a $100. However, it won’t be wise to expect a high-end quality from such guitars.

These guitars are made from cost-effective materials, thus they can offer you some limited features. We suggest them for beginners who want to start learning, but not yet ready to purchase a high-end acoustic guitar.

Sometimes, we look for backup guitars. A cheap guitar is what you can take anywhere and use it without worrying about the damage. For playing guitar among buddies or playing around at small house parties, you may use a budget-friendly acoustic-guitar.

There are some tips from us,

If you think the strings of your new guitar is not working well, you should replace them with new ones. You may buy a set of new comfortable strings that may suit your playing style, it won’t cost much.

The general tone of your guitar cannot be changed due to their body materials and shape. However, if you think you are ready for an upgrade, you can replace the components like saddle, bridge, nut etc.

Tusq and bone are perfect to replace the plastic accessories of your acoustic guitar. After doing such elevations, you can enjoy the maximum sound quality out of your affordable guitar.

There are some things you can do to increase the playability. You can modify the action yourself to play with less effort.


After going through the reviews, it will be easy for you to get a perfect best acoustic guitar under 600 that fits your Budget. These are for beginners who want to pursue their passion without breaking the bank.

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