5 Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000 In 2019 {Reviews}

The well-known brands present exclusive guitars that can empty your pockets.

Right now you may not have a massive amount of bank balance to buy a high-end guitar.

There are many alternatives that will save money and grant you all premium features like any pricey guitar. These are our top picks of best acoustic guitar under 2000 that will offer high quality and dynamic features. 


List of Best Acoustic Guitar Under $2000

Taylor 224CE Deluxe Koa Review

​One of the most appealing designs of this brand that comes in a mid-range price tag. However, renders a premium standard as the high-end guitars.

This guitar has exceptional sound quality as well as stunning appearance. You can play Taylor 224CE Deluxe during recording, jamming, practicing and many more.

This guitar has a grand auditorium body that is medium in size and offers excellent balance and sound projection.

Many professionals find this size very convenient for fingerstyle. The top plus back and sides are made of Hawaiian Koa that produces a bright and sharp tone.

If you are looking for an all-purpose guitar that sounds bright and focused, you should go for Taylor 224CE.

The sound of this guitar matures with time and becomes warmer. Taylor 224CE Deluxe delivers robust sounds in the mid-range.

Besides, this guitar has Taylor Expression system 2 electronic unit that makes the music stronger while you plug it into an amplifier.

Consequently, you can also control the brightness of the sound as per your necessity.

The full-shaded edge burst dark finish gives it a polished dark look. Moreover, the sepele neck and ebony fretboard enhance the playability.

Taylor 224CE Deluxe also comes with great hardware settings. The chrome tuners, Tusq Nut, Ebony bridge, Micarta Saddle make it sound up to the mark.

This guitar also comes in a hardshell case that keeps it safe from external damages. 


  • Produce crisp and bright sounds 
  • Sound gets warmer with use 
  • You can amplify and control the tone
  •  Outstanding design & glossy finish
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Comes in a tough case


  • Sounds too bright at the beginning
Takamine EF360S TT Review

​Most of the guitars play a solid woody tone that mellows with time. However, this guitar is made of pre-age components.

As a result, you don't have to wait a long time to get the ideal tone.

It is one of the popular models of Takamine that offers a handful of features within an affordable rate.

Takamine EF360S TT represents a vintage design that seems traditional and neat.

It has a faux tortoise pickguard on its non-cutaway dreadnought body. It comes with a spruce solid Thermal Top plus solid Indian rosewood back and sides.

The top wood is baked in a particular environment to give it a dark, attractive look. Therefore, this process enhances its sound quality. 

Because of the dreadnought body, this guitar delivers a robust low-end volume. Furthermore, it produces rich fuller sounds due to its baked thermal top.

Takamine EF360S also adds a touch of the latest technology by including electronics. A TLD line driver preamp and a pathetic pickup allow you the control of sound. 

This Japanese brand has designed a stunning instrument to play warm and pleasant sounds with great comfort.

This ease of playability comes from the top Mahogany neck and the ebony fretboard. Above all, at this price range, this guitar offers exclusive features and well-balanced sounds.

For those who are highly interested in getting a standard guitar of vintage style, we recommend you to take a look at this impressive piece. 


  • Plays seasoned and robust tones
  • Offers satisfying playability 
  • Comes in a hard case
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Provides a balanced sound
  • Compatible with stage performance 


  • The electronics are not best in quality
Martin D-16RGT Dreadnought review

It is one of the cost-effective models of this well-known brand presenting premium features like the pricy guitars. 

Since this is Martin 16 series, we can guarantee on the high-quality craftsmanship.

 Undoubtedly, getting such a well-made guitar under $2000 is what makes us happy.

Martin D-16RGT is constructed in the USA and made of solid tonewoods.

This guitar features a solid Sitka spruce top and rosewood back and sides.

Furthermore, the details are nicely done to craft an excellent instrument that looks and sounds great.

It has a beautiful faux tortoiseshell pickguard, herringbone soundhole rosette, white bounding and a smooth, glossy lamination on its body and neck. 

On the other hand, this guitar presents an eco-friendly structure by using richlite in the fretboard.

The fretboard has 20 frets in total. It is a material that offers comfort and enhances the looks as well.

Martin D-16RGT comes with an impressive hardware kit. It has sealed chrome tuners, richlite bridge, Martin SP strings, white Corian nut, compensated white tusq saddle.

 All these are enough to make a guitar the best acoustic piece that sounds phenomenal. 

The Spanish cedar neck is the most excellent part of this guitar that offers ease of playing. The solid dreadnought body plays a role to create an energetic sound projection.

This guitar works great for fingerstyle, flatpicking, strumming and also can be used for studio sessions.

The sweet and rich tone along with the robust voice matches with any genre. Even more, it has well-balanced sounds offering superb dynamics. 


  • Suits any genre and finger tricks 
  • Comes in a hard case 
  • Plays balanced sounds with outstanding dynamics
  • Looks stunning
  • Provides comfort and ease for beginners
  • Charming, strong sound projection 


  • Has some cheaper alternatives
RainSong Hybrid Series H-WS1000N2

A unique acoustic guitar that is made of carbon and glass fiber composites. This guitar's main attraction is its dark carbon look without any bracing.

Mostly you will find solid wood materials in high-end guitars. RainSong Hybrid H-WS1000N2 has been an exception of that.

The combo of carbon and glass fiber presents a significant change.

Unlike the woody guitars, it does not get affected by the temperature or humidity change.

Along with an exceptional look, RainSong Hybrid H-WS1000N2 is a winner in the excellent playability. 

This guitar features a U-shaped graphite neck and a composite fingerboard. The fretboard has in total 21 frets and an adjustable truss rod.

Therefore, we can say this guitar offers a durable construction as well as rich settings.

This instrument comes in a standard size which is optimized for various kinds of styles.

It is an acoustic guitar yet comes with some electrical parts that will allow you excellent control. ​

t has excellent hardware stuff that also helps you to play pleasant sounds. 

This guitar delivers excellent sound quality that's worth the money. It has exceptional tuning stability and produces bright, mellow sounds.

We do not recommend this guitar for casual playing. However, this is an ideal guitar for stage gigs.

 It has a lightweight body that is beneficial while you are traveling. Above all, you can play this in extremely hot or rainy weather without disturbing sound quality. 


  • Perfect for traveling and stage performance 
  • Great tonal balance 
  • Fits any playing style
  • Allows great sound control
  • Looks charming
  • Long lasting construction
  • No effect of temperature or humidity change


  • Not for traditional guitar lovers
  • Too bright for casual performance 
Martin 000-15M Natural review

This excellent guitar from Martin is only for Mahogany lovers. Not only it looks solid, but also it has solid mahogany construction.

It's a remarkable machine that plays rich woody sounds that get seasoned with age — Martin 000-15M projects warm tones with a natural resonance that will win your heart for sure.

This guitar has ideal craftsmanship that provides years of use along with surpassing sounds.

 If you are looking for a comfortable guitar, you should check out its neck first.

The good news is this guitar comes with a stiff neck that allows natural balance. 

Besides, it has a rosewood bridge, die-cast tuners, exclusive rosette and an over the top pickguard.

The overall appearance seems sweet and straightforward, perfect for a mahogany fan. 

Martin 000-15M features low-end tones making this instrument an excellent acoustic guitar. You can play this with any genre due to its specific six-string settings.

 You will gain warm and bright sounds. However, this tone may be too bright for some players. 

This guitar works magically with blues. It delivers absolute sound quality that will meet your expectations.

 Above all, this is a less pricey guitar compared to the features it offers. You will find no traditional guitar like this in such a price range. 


  • Solid mahogany construction 
  • Simple and natural mahogany appearance
  • Offers natural resonance
  • Strong and warm sound projection
  • Sound mellows with age
  • Can be played with versatile genres
  • Comfortable to hold and play 


  • Not recommended for those who don't want the bright woody tone


We have selected these acoustic guitars that come in the different price scale, sizes and materials. You should carefully go through the details and pick the most suitable acoustic guitar for you. These guitars may have a mid-range value compared to other guitars of similar standards. However, they won't disappoint you in delivering the first quality. 

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